Aluminium Kitchen Splashbacks

aluminium splashback

Aluminium kitchen splashbacks are becoming very popular due to their unique aesthetics, exceptional durability, ease of cleaning and flame retardant properties.

Alfab is now offering custom made aluminium splashbacks with or without imagery to create a practical yet visually attractive addition to your kitchen.

Our manufacturing facilities allow us to provide splash backs of any size and shape with a polyurethane finish that is resistant to most chemicals. Each splashback installation is professionally sealed around it’s parameter making it suitable for both dry and wet environments.


All of our quality splashbacks and can be trimmed to the exact dimensions required for any installation space due the incredible accuracy of our aluminium fabrication equipment. The maximum size for an aluminium splashback is 3000mm in width.


Due to the flexibility of the materials and accuracy of our skilled aluminium fabricators and technical equipment, there are very few limitations to our custom splashback service. When images are required for splashback orders, the size limitation for one panel is 3600mm x1500mm; however, we can work around this limitation by placing the image across multiple panels to achieve the desired size/effect.

The polyurethane finish we provide is durable and is resistant to most chemicals, but when cleaning we warn against using any abrasive chemicals as this may cause damage to to the surface. We recommend using warm soapy water or all-purpose household detergent to removed grease and grime that may accumulate.


Our splashbacks allows for heat generated from the cooktop to be dispersed and dissipated rapidly due to the natural heat transfer properties of aluminium. Cooktops in a kitchen environment are recommended to have a distance of 200mm separating the splashback and a gas fired cooktop and 100mm for an electric cooktop.

Splashbacks that have imagery are still fully compliant with the Gas Regulation Standard AS 5601.1 as a Fire Resistant material.

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