Custom Built Camper Trailers

custom built camper trailer

Alfab is proud to offer custom built camper trailers and tent trailers made to fit any specification. Our team of manufacturing specialists can design and build your new premium-quality camper to match desired style, size or shape with either hard or soft flooring.

You can rest assured that the finished product will be comfortable, durable and meets the highest-level in safety standards.

Complete Customisation

Our custom-build camper trailers and tent trailers are built to suit your adventurous style.

Our team of expert designers and manufactures can design your camper to:

  • Suit your towing vehicle for ease of use,
  •  Accommodate your particular family size with custom sleeping and storage spaces,
  • Adhere to a colour scheme of your choosing,
  • Provide adequate shade and weather protection for the rest of your camping supplies with a custom awning,
  • Install amenities of your choosing such as a portable toilet, toolbox, camper stove, boat rack, water tank etc,
  • and much more!
custom designed camper trailer

Alfab camper trailers are designed and built on site

custom made trailer

Custom Built Trailer for Traffic Monitoring

Our ability to completely customise camper trailers from the ground up allows us to provide our customers with exactly what they’re looking for every time. Alfab manufactures camper trailers and tent trailers for nature lovers throughout the country with manufacturing facilities in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

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CAD Drawings

Click to view the CAD drawings for our custom campers:

cad drawing camper trailer

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