Boat Windscreens

boat windscreens

Alfab has been supplying marine products to some of the largest trailer boat manufacturers for over 50 years. We supply both standard and tailor made run about and hard top windscreens and other components. Our experience and quality in manufacturing boat windscreens comes from years of creating windscreens for customers such as Haines Signature, Cruise Craft, Baysport, Bar Crusher, Seafarer and Ocean Master and many more.

We are known for being specialists in manufacturing marine windscreens using both curved glass and curved acrylic and for our ability to install direct glazed windows to any vessel. Our reputation throughout Australia’s East coast, most notably in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast regions, was built on over 60 years of first hand experience and industry knowledge.

Alfab’s curved glass windscreens and curved acrylic windscreens are built to the highest industry standards by our team of expert benders and formers – our windscreens are strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing regardless of the size or shape required by the vessel.

Windscreen Styles

Run About Screens

run around windscreen
run around windscreen 2

Hard Top Screens

hard top windscreen

Direct Glazed Windscreens

Direct Glazed Windscreens
Direct Glazed Windscreens 2