Boat Hatches and Portlights

Boat Hatches and Portlights

boat hatches and portholes

Alfab Australia can supply tailor made boat hatches or standard size hatches. Alfab is an agent for Vetus Maxwell due to our extensive range of stainless steel and aluminium hatches and portlights.

Hatch Styles

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Vetus Altus and Magnus Deck Hatches


Video Transcription

In this video the the new Vetus Altus and Magnus deck hatches that available through Alfab are showcased and demonstrated. The new Vetus Altus deck hatch is a low profile unit, meaning it does not sit very far above the deck of the boat, whereas the Magnus deck hatch is a high profile unit sitting further above the vessel deck. Both hatches are weather resistant, have hinges allowing them to open within a range of approximately 120 to 180 degrees and both models match industry standard cut out sizes.