Why It’s Important to Maintain the Sealant Around Your Boat Windows

27th December 2018

As the old adage goes ‘prevention is better than a cure’ and when it comes to maintaining your boat windows, this has never been truer

Boat maintenance goes much further than just keeping the deck clean, your ropes tidy and sails properly bagged.

There are many intricate elements of your boat that are susceptible to damage and as a boat owner, you need to ensure you stay on top of them. Boats are exposed to a range of conditions as they endure everything nature can throw at them. Keeping water out of your boat is perhaps one of the most essential things to protect your vessel and keep it afloat.

Most of the water that makes its way inside your boat doesn’t come in through some gaping hole in the hull, but through gaps in your boat windows.

Deck of a boat, ocean reflected in the boat window

Once the seals break or become damaged, they can wear away quickly and things can go from bad to worse fast. Ensuring your boat windows are properly sealed is crucial to not just keeping your boat above water but keeping everything and everyone on board protected and safe.

Continue reading to learn just a few reasons why it’s vitally important that you maintain the sealant around your boat windows.

Lengthening the Lifespan of Your Boat Windows

Over time the sealant around your windows will deteriorate and will need to be replaced if not, it could erode away completely. When these seals are damaged water can easily seep inside, until it meets with the laminated glass in your windows.

Once contact with the laminated layer has occurred, damage can develop in the inner layer which causes a change in appearance resulting in your boat windows needing to be replaced. However, if you keep your sealant maintained, you can avoid this and keep your boat windows for much longer, ultimately saving you money.

Protecting Your Boat’s Interior

Depending on exactly where your marine windows are positioned a leak could end up letting in a little water or quite a lot. Either way, the damage over time to the interior of your boat can become expensive to repair or become completely irreparable. Water damage can lead to timbers becoming warped, fabrics needing to be replaced and electronics being damaged. Rather than face a complete overhaul of your boat’s interior, take steps to maintain the sealant around your boat windows once every year.

Increase the Resale Value

Selling a boat that is leaking to any degree is very difficult. Having unwanted water coming into your vessel immediately decreases the value of your boat and throws up warning flags for any potential buyer. If you see any amount of water coming in around your windows, take the time to investigate thoroughly and seal up the problem as quickly as possible before it gets worse. Should you ever be looking to sell your boat in the future, you’ll be able to negotiate a much better price knowing your boat is watertight.

Maintain Now and Prevent Problems Later

As the old adage goes ‘prevention is better than a cure’ and when it comes to maintaining your boat windows, this has never been truer. Be sure to keep an eye out for any amount of water coming through the sealant around your boat’s windows and if you spot any issues, take action fast. Boat window leaks can worsen quickly but with the right care, you can make sure that your boat is protected and ready for anything.

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How To Maintain And Care For Your Caravan Windows

14th December 2018

“Remember, prevention is better than cure so do what you can to protect your caravan when you’re not using it and it will serve you well for many years to come.”

Owning a caravan can be hard work at times, with so much to look after, repairs to make and general upkeep to stay on top of.

Keeping your caravan in great condition will not only improve your own personal experience when you go on holidays but will improve its resale value should you ever decide to sell. There’s nothing worse than looking through scratched windows while trying to enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise, so it’s important that you keep your windows in tip-top shape.

Getting out in the great outdoors is exciting as there is so much potential for adventure. However, at times, conditions can be far from ideal and you will need to be prepared to handle any damage or wear and tear from more hazardous days on the road.

Caravan windows close up overlooking ocean

Caravan windows in particular have a lot to stand up to, they can get chipped from stones on the road, mould can develop if you don’t clean them regularly or kids in the caravan park could accidentally send the footie or cricket ball flying in your direction, causing the glass to break.

With regular maintenance, care and by following best practices from caravan window manufacturers in Australia, your windows will stand the test of time.

Let’s take a look at a few simple ways you can clean and maintain your caravan windows to ensure you can enjoy unobstructed views on your next holiday.

Best Fabrics for Cleaning Your Caravan Windows

Choosing the right fabrics to clean your windows is one of the most important things when cleaning your caravan. Most caravan window manufacturers in Australia use polycarbonate or acrylic plastic. These are lightweight materials, give great visibility and provide good UV protection, however, like all windows, they can be susceptible to superficial scratches.

Whatever you do, be sure to avoid using abrasive fabrics. These can lead to small scratches which, in time, will add up and greatly impact the quality of your windows. Instead, invest in some fine fabrics like microfibre cloth wipes or mitts. With their softer texture, not only will they do a better job of cleaning your windows but they won’t cause any scratching in the process.

Caravan window manufacturers in Australia will recommend that you use only mild detergent and water to clean your windows and, before deep cleaning, you make sure that you remove any small particles like sand, dust or small rocks. Failing to do so will result in you rubbing these small particles against your windows during cleaning and you will end up doing more harm than good.

How to Get Rid of Existing Scratches

If your windows are scratched, don’t worry, there are solutions. Acrylic and polycarbonate fabrics are pretty soft, so you can remove superficial scratches using a mildly abrasive polish.

It’s best to choose a mild polish and follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. You can also use an electric polisher to bring your windows back to being crystal clear again. Although you might think it will save you time, avoid using an electric drill as they are too fast, generate too much heat and will result in you having to replace your windows.

Protect Your Caravan With a Caravan Cover

If where you keep your caravan in the offseason is under a tree, an edge or a telephone pole, there’s a good chance that you will end up with a persistent bird-dropping issue. Although these stains can be tough to remove, avoid the temptation to use a scraper and instead use warm water and patience. To avoid this or any other damage to your caravan when you’re not using it in the future, be sure to use a caravan cover to protect it.

With a cover in place, your caravan will be protected from overexposure to the sun, general wear and tear and it will act as an extra level of protection from scratches or other damage. Remember, prevention is better than cure so do what you can to protect your caravan when you’re not using it and it will serve you well for many years to come.

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