Take a look at our latest video, a glimpse into the journey from concept to creation and innovation.

In the ever-evolving world of marine engineering and design, standing still is not an option. At ALFAB, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking new ways to enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and durability of marine windows and doors. As such, we prioritize in-house research and development (R&D) and the adoption of 3D printing technology is a testament to our commitment to excellence and leadership in our industry.

The ALFAB Innovation Advantage

At the heart of our innovative streak is our in-house R&D department, complimented by our state-of-the-art 3D printers and 3D scanning technology. This powerful combination allows us to transcend traditional design limitations, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization in our product offerings. Unlike the conventional approach that relies heavily on off-the-shelf components, our in-house design and development capabilities enable us to tailor every aspect of our marine windows and doors to meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients.

Bridging Design and Functionality Through 3D Printing

3D printing has revolutionized the way we think about manufacturing and design. At ALFAB, we leverage this technology to its fullest potential, creating components that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are designed for purpose. Our suite of 3D printers allows us to experiment with various materials, ensuring that each component we produce is optimized for strength, durability, and visual appeal. This means that our products are not just designed to look good and be easy to use but are also built to withstand the harsh marine environment.

The ALFAB Difference: Flexibility, Aesthetics, and Strength

Our commitment to in-house R&D and 3D printing is more than just a process; it’s a promise to our customers. A promise of flexibility in design, enabling us to offer more personalized and functional marine window and door solutions. A promise of enhanced aesthetics, ensuring that each product not only performs well but also enhances the visual appeal of the vessel. And finally, a promise of unmatched strength, with every component designed and manufactured to offer superior performance in the marine setting.

Setting the Course for the Future

The journey of innovation at ALFAB is ongoing. We continue to explore new technologies, materials, and design methodologies to stay ahead of the curve. Our in-house R&D and 3D printing capabilities are just the beginning. As we move forward, we remain committed to delivering products that set new standards in the marine industry, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best.

Video transcription:

Welcome to ALFAB Marine, where innovation meets the ocean.

Today, we’re showcasing our in-house R&D and the creation of cutting-edge marine windows, doors and the functional components that set us apart from the competitors.

Aside from the 60 years of manufacturing for the marine industry, one of the other things that set us apart is our suite of advanced 3D printers, enabling us to design and produce bespoke components.

This means unparalleled flexibility in design, moving beyond off-the-shelf limitations. Every component is crafted for purpose, blending aesthetics, versatility, and strength. From intricate hinges to sleek window frames, hassle-free latches and smooth sliding mechanisms, our designs are tailored to the vessel and marine environment. Watch as these components come together in perfect harmony, creating functional and stylish marine windows.

At ALFAB Marine, we’re not just keeping up with the market; we’re setting the course.
Innovation, flexibility, and reliability – that’s the ALFAB promise. Join us as we sail into the future of marine design.



We encourage you to check out our latest in Portlights.
The Portlights are available to purchase or can be included as a part of larger marine glazing products produced at ALFAB.

See the latest video about modern portlights and port holes HERE.

Watch the video on ALFAB’s Premium In-Glass Portlights: Port Light and Porthole Innovations and Design

ALFAB is proud to introduce our latest series of streamlined, flush Portlights. These modern Portlights are specifically designed for installation resulting in a flush surface on materials such as tempered glass, fixed acrylic (PMMA) and Polycarbonate (PC), utilizing refined gluing techniques. The designs are adaptable, suitable for different thicknesses of fixed glass with a minimum of 8mm.

Characterized by their lightweight and compact nature, ALFAB’s Portlights set a new benchmark in the market for quality, usability and finish. The Portlight glass merges flawlessly with the fixed glass on the exterior, contributing to a refined aesthetic, keeping cleaning and maintenance to a minimum. The frame that is glued to the fixed glass is made from a black high gloss material, the window material is glass (for certified applications) or can be substituted to PMMA or PC at customers choice. The inclusion of friction hinges is an important feature, allowing the Portlight to remain open autonomously. These hinges, together with the opening mechanisms and other parts, are made from a blend of materials suited to the most abrasive and harsh environments.

A key aspect of these Portlights is their Australian origin. Designed, tested, and manufactured in right here Australia to the highest standards, they embody excellence in marine equipment craftsmanship. Additionally, these Portlights have gained and continue to maintain recognition among some of the world’s most prestigious vessel manufacturers, a testament to the quality and reliability.

ALFAB’s Portlights comply with CE standards, making them suitable for all types of vessels and various water conditions (Design Category A). They are appropriate for installation in areas IIb, III, and IV.

Modern Portlights

The Portlights are available to purchase or can be included as a part of larger marine glazing products produced at ALFAB.

Key Features:

  • Elegant, modern design
  • Versatility in fitting various materials and thicknesses
  • Seamless exterior integration with the fixed glass and other materials
  • Designed, tested, and manufactured in Australia to the highest standards
  • Renowned usage by top-class global vessel manufacturers
  • IMCI CE certified Portlight Area 1A, IIb, III and IV, Category A
  • Australian Made


Our Portlight portholes are now available here.
Circular Portlight (HLC-150 and HLC-180) | Rectangular Portlight (HLR-325×150)


Video transcription:

Welcome to ALFAB’s video presentation on how a well-designed portlight can add style and functionality to modern vessels. Today, we’ll delve into the historical uses and designs of portlights and portholes, explore the development of the world’s newest premium in-glass portlight by ALFAB, and discuss the essential uses and importance of portlights in contemporary vessels.

Portlights have been a crucial feature on ships for centuries. In the past, they were often simple, small openings with shutters or covers to allow light and fresh air into the ship’s interior. These early designs served practical purposes, providing ventilation and natural illumination, but they also had limitations in terms of style and aesthetics.

 Over time, shipbuilders began to experiment with designs, incorporating various shapes and materials to improve functionality and appearance. The evolution of portlights played a significant role in maritime history, influencing both the aesthetics and functionality of vessels.

 Today, ALFAB is proud to introduce the world’s newest premium in-glass portlight, representing a breakthrough in design and technology. Our team of experts has meticulously designed, produced, tested, and certified this innovative portlight, setting a new standard for the maritime industry.

ALFAB’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our portlights. The in-glass design seamlessly integrates with modern vessel aesthetics, offering a sleek and sophisticated look while maximizing functionality.

Our portlight’s advanced materials and construction ensure durability, longevity, and resistance to the harshest maritime conditions. Rigorous testing and certification procedures guarantee top-notch performance and safety.

In modern vessels, portlights continue to play a pivotal role. They serve as sources of natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day, which is not only energy-efficient but also creates a pleasant onboard environment.

Additionally, portlights promote ventilation, helping to maintain a comfortable and healthy interior atmosphere by allowing fresh air to circulate freely. This is especially important during long journeys or when vessels are docked.

Furthermore, portlights offer passengers and crew members stunning panoramic views of the surrounding environment, enhancing the onboard experience. Whether it’s the beauty of the open sea, a bustling port, or a tranquil sunset, portlights provide a connection to the world outside.

In conclusion, ALFAB’s premium in-glass portlights combine style and functionality, paying homage to the rich history of maritime design while embracing the latest technology. These portlights are not just essential for ventilation and natural light but also elevate the onboard experience, offering passengers and crew members a breathtaking perspective of the world beyond.

To learn more about how ALFAB’s innovative portlights can enhance your vessel’s style and functionality, please visit our website or contact us today. ALFAB – Setting the course for excellence in maritime design and technology.

Just a quick reminder to look out for some of our fantastic partners and customers at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show this week!

Sailfish S8

This year’s SCIBS promises to be an exceptional experience, growing year after year with something for everyone. The event will showcase what could be considered the most comprehensive display of brand-new models from various manufacturers that our country has ever seen. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting world of boat design and technology, alongside a whole lot of entertainment for the entire family.

Riviera 46 Sports Motor Yacht RunningIlliad s53

What’s more, a broad range of our products will be on display, enhancing the striking “NEW” and upgraded models with ALFAB touch. These models are demonstrating fresh designs in glazed aluminium joinery products, complementing the evolutionary class-leading styling of each of these remarkable vessels:

  • Maritimo S75
  • Iliad 53S
  • Riviera 46
  • Scimitar 1010
  • Sailfish S8
  • Cruise Craft 695
  • Haines – 640SF
  • And more

We look forward to seeing you at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show this weekend. Let’s come together to celebrate the boating community and the innovative, fresh designs hitting our shores!

Get your tickets here as they are only available online- See you there!

Maritimo S75 SCIBS

Imagine this – You’re a proud owner of a new boat, preparing for its new model launch the following day, and then disaster strikes… An unfortunate encounter with port equipment leaves a mangled windscreen, an unsightly dent on your vessel’s stainless steel body, and evidence of red and yellow paint. It’s a nightmare, especially on the eve of an important event.

One of our valued clients was recently left in this desperate predicament. With an important new model launch the next day, he needed urgent assistance, so he reached out to ALFAB for a swift and effective solution.

At ALFAB we understand the importance of having your boat in great condition, and the significance of such launches and the requirement of presenting the boat in its pristine condition is no different. We responded swiftly to the call for help. Our solution? An expert repair job using acrylic, while we awaited the original parts from the US.

Our team of skilled workers took the damaged boat under their wings. Our team, comprised of glass and acrylic experts, along with metal trades, made the task of repairing the damage, our focus on replicating the damaged glass parts into acrylic pieces. Furthermore, they worked on the deformed stainless steel, bringing it back to a shape that closely resembled the head bar – a distinguishing feature of the boat’s screen.

Despite the short notice, our team worked tirelessly to ensure the boat was ready to be showcased. The boat was dropped off at our facility in the afternoon and was ready for collection by midday the following day – a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction.


Unfortunately, as is often the case with these kinds of incidents, not everything went as smoothly as we’d have liked. The replacement windscreen part from the US arrived, but it too was found to be smashed upon unboxing. While this was an unexpected setback, it didn’t deter us. Another port side screen has been promptly ordered.

The event encapsulates the dedication and agility of our ALFAB team. We ensured our client was able to showcase his boat at the launch event as planned.

At ALFAB, we’re not just committed to providing high-quality marine accessories and boat windscreen repairs; we’re devoted to ensuring your boating experiences are smooth and uninterrupted.

Elevate Your Fishing Experience with Innovative Design and Unmatched Comfort

ALFAB, long considered a market leader in design and manufacturing for marine windows and hardtops, have teamed up with Cruise Craft Boats to collaborate on the state-of-the-art hardtop and windscreen technology for Cruise Craft’s latest model boat, the E695HT. This partnership has helped to give birth to a vessel that delivers an unparalleled fusion of comfort, performance, and design. A vessel ALFAB is very proud to be associated with.

The E695HT: A New Benchmark in Cruise Craft’s Lineup

The E695HT stands out as an innovative and versatile boat, specifically designed to cater to the needs of anglers of all skill levels. This groundbreaking model boasts a range of impressive features, including the PanaView™ Windscreen, which is quickly becoming a popular preference among boating enthusiasts.

A Winning Combination of Design and Functionality

ALFAB’s design and development of marine windows and hardtops have played a crucial role in refining the E695HT’s creation and ensuring unparalleled construction quality. The inclusion of the PanaView™ Windscreen, crafted by ALFAB, offers exceptional visibility, taking the boating experience to a whole new level. Either side of this are large and simple “Flush-Pop” sliding windows allowing for plenty of fresh air when open, keeping the weather out when closed. The sliding system adds a sleek new look never seen before in this trailer boat market. This collaboration also brings ALFAB’s advanced hardtop design and manufacture to the E695HT, further enhancing its functionality and aesthetics.

E695HT Specs Overview:

  • Hull Length: 6.95 m
  • Max Beam: 2.48 m
  • Weight BMT: 2,950 kg
  • Max No. Persons: 7
  • Max Fuel Capacity: 350 L
  • Max HP: 250 hp





A Partnership That Defines Boating Excellence

The collaboration between ALFAB and Cruise Craft Boats has led to a vessel that seamlessly unites comfort and functionality. Combined with the E695HT’s spacious deck to offer ample room for fishing, comfortable seating and large cabin area ensures a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

The E695HT sets a new standard in boating excellence. It’s an exceptional choice for anglers and boating enthusiasts looking for an elevated experience on the water.



Discover the E695HT for Yourself

Experience the unmatched performance, comfort, and design of the E695HT by visiting a Cruise Craft dealer today. With ALFAB’s precision-engineered hardtop and PanaView™ Windscreen, combined with Cruise Craft’s commitment to quality, the E695HT is sure to redefine your boating adventures. Don’t miss the chance to embark on the ultimate fishing journey aboard this cutting-edge vessel.

Check out the Cruise Craft team recently at Jarvis Bay

More about the vessel here at Cruise Craft

Also, look at for Cruise Craft at this year’s Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

See more about ALFAB here

Utilising the latest and most accurate fabrication technology is something the team at Alfab strives to achieve during every project we undertake. As such, our team of designers and engineers have mastered the use of various 3D digital measuring tools as well as 3D printing using carbon fibre. 

Our computer-led 3D scanners allow us to precisely measure and create a digital model of the object or space of a vessel or vehicle as well as individual elements like windows, windscreens and doors. With a detailed 3D model of a vessel, we can design custom windows, doors, hatches, windscreens, portlights and more that will fit perfectly within the existing space. This has become especially useful when retrofitting older vessels with replacements, or newer, more practical products. More often our goal for retrofitting projects is to design and install products that appear to be the same as the original (or better depending on the desired outcome) while also being stronger, lighter and serve its purpose even better than the original. We can provide everything from sliding windows and doors to safety railings and curved windscreens that are compact, easy to operate and complement the existing style of the boat.

With the use of our 3D printer, even more components are designed in house to suit their specific purpose instead of utilising more commonly available items and adjusting them to suit. Carbon Fibre is extremely strong, versitile and light, but for many years the cost has made it inhibitive to use for limited production runs. However, with our equipment and the ability to produce custom items with incredible accuracy at our factory, we can now ensure accurate and long lasting solutions for almost any challenge, quickly and efficiently. This high-tech industrial printer can even utalise the data from our 3D scans and print perfectly accurate reproductions, even better than new.

We are proud to be using the latest technologies available to move our industry into the future and provide better service and solutions than ever before. If you have an idea in mind, don’t be afraid to discuss it with one of our experts.

Regardless of what your boating fabrication needs, Alfab’s team is ready to create the perfect tailor-made solution for you. Call us today to see how we can help.

While marine vessels are built to withstand the harsh conditions of operating in the elements, windows, windscreens and doors need to be replaced when faced with extraordinary events. Alfab’s expert design and fabrication team understands that replacing these crucial vessel components needs to be done with the utmost precision to ensure both a proper protective barrier from the elements, and an aesthetically pleasing result.

Alfab offer a number of other relevant products and services as well, including 3D measuring and scanning, design consultation, 3D computer-aided design (CAD), glass testing and certification. Alfab is dedicated to providing our clients with the most precise marine windows possible. To accomplish this we utilise computer-led 3D scanning technology that captures a detailed 3D model of any vessel space and precise digital measurements of any window, windscreen, portlight or door. If the existing glass is no longer present, we can even measure the space where the piece needs to fit with incredible accuracy.

The information is then converted to CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software, and our team will use this data to design windows that will fit perfectly within the existing space – no matter what size or shape is needed. For example, mitred corners, radius corners and progressive curves and shear curves are no longer guess work and do not need templates created, speeding up the whole process and ensuring the most accurate outcome.. Our team is highly-experienced with a variety of marine-safe materials such as toughened safety glass, polycarbonate and acrylic. 

Alfab offer an end to end solution for all marine glazing requirements. From small fishing vessels to large pleasure crafts and commercial ships, Alfab can custom-design and install any marine windscreen, window, portlight or door and ensure that it will stand the test of time. Alfab have a name synonymous with quality and reliability within the industry, our clients trust us to deliver top-quality products and services on time, every time.

After purchasing a previously-owned sailing Catamaran, Denham Hitchcock, a correspondent for the Channel Seven Network, discovered while living aboard the vessel that her current windows were not as functional as they could be and also were not marine-safe.

The original boat builder had simply left panes of perspex with basic lock-in handles, unable to be opened. Therefore they would need to be removed and stored away before pulling anchor in order to ventilate the cabin. Prior to removal, it was difficult to see the chart plotter or even see through the front windscreen. As any boaty knows, ease of use and visibility are the most significant advantages when operating a marine vessel safely.

The Perfect Solution

The team at ALFAB were keen to work with Mr. Hitchcock in designing new custom marine windows that would remedy all of the issues he was facing. Hitchcock knew just how he wanted his new marine windows to function and was able to provide both a rough template and measurements to our experienced designers. He required sleek lockable sliding windows that would fit in the vessel’s existing window frames while taking up minimal onboard space.

Once manufactured, the window installation process was a breeze thanks to the cutout nozzle provided by ALFAB that allowed them to pop into place as though they were always meant to be there.

Mr. Hitchcock reported that aside from the safety concerns that the custom retrofitting solved, he can also allow for better temperature regulation now that the windows can be opened, ventilate cooking fumes without having to wait for them to make their way to the hatch and feel confident that his vessel’s overall aesthetic has improved.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alfab in Brisbane to anyone looking to improve their boat with some professional looking windows for a fair price. Bloody terrific!” Denham reiterated.

Custom Sliding Marine Window

Custom Sliding Marine Window

Marine Sliding Window Open

Sliding Window – Open, Inside View

Marine Sliding Window

Marine Sliding Window – Open, Outside View

Marine Sliding Window


We Value Our Customer’s Needs

ALFAB’s bespoke boat windows and windscreens can be manufactured in any size or shape and are always made with the highest quality marine-tested materials. We know which materials are best suited for marine use and have developed in-house fabrication techniques to ensure the finished product will withstand the harsh conditions out on the water. We value the time it takes to fully understand what our clients are trying to achieve while also ensuring that the product is both marine-safe and functional.

ALFAB is well versed in creating solutions to suit the customers and making sure they will do the job with safety, functionality and aesthetics in mind. If you are looking to upgrade your boat by retrofitting new doors, windows or hatches/portholes, give us a shout and we will be able to deliver exactly what you need.

From marine windows, doors and windscreens to hatches, portholes and other custom fittings, Alfab Australia has your boat covered. Contact us today for a free quote.



While you may not have heard of Norway’s Denis Suka (also known as The Yacht Mogul), he has amassed an impressive 763,000 Instagram* followers thanks to his passion for designing luxurious and innovative superyachts packed with the very finest amenities.

Suka, who released his first Superyacht design concept in 2020, states “My biggest goal is to bring something different to the yachting industry” and we at Alfab believe he has done just that with his newest brainchild the ‘Mogul 777’.

Suka’s latest design is a stunning 77.7 metre long, 4-floor-high superyacht sporting modern sleek lines, an angular bow, triangular hull windows and a ton of lavish features.

“We believe we’ve added everything on this project so the buyer couldn’t wish for anything extra,” said Suka. Some of these features include two pools, a beach jacuzzi, an onboard aquarium with a glass bottom and a waterfall, a large hydraulic swim platform, multiple sundecks, a central firepit and a touch-and-go helipad.


Dennis Suka Superyacht-2


In regards to performance, the 777 Mogul is capable of holding a total of 18 persons and can reach 17 knots at full tilt.

At Alfab, our innovation-driven team have had the opportunity to work on luxury yachts of all shapes and sizes during our 70 years of operation. We design and produce custom-made marine windows and windscreens, not unlike the unique triangular windows and long, curved windscreens that Mogul 777 would require.

The Mogul 777’s unique windows would need to be custom-made using the highest-quality, marine-safe materials and high-precision production equipment. At Alfab we have a multitude of high-precision, computer-guided equipment (some of which were designed in-house) that allow us to cut and shape materials like polymers, acrylics, composites, and aluminium to desired dimensions.


Dennis Suka Superyacht


This flexibility and experience have helped Alfab to become a dependable supplier of boat glazing systems in Australia as well as allowed us to work on some of the highest-profile vessels in the yachting industry.

We are excited to see what The Yacht Mogul will release next and will be sure to keep our customers informed here on our blog. To follow Denis Suka, check him out on Instagram at *@theyachtmogul.


Dennis Suka Superyacht


If you require tailor-made marine window or windscreen services, our team is ready to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts.



It is in line with ALFAB’s approach to innovation that we team up with partners who share our vision to achieve premium solutions in the Auto and Marine Glazing industries.

Take a look at the recent article written by LINAK, designers and suppliers of unparalleled actuators and motor controllers to suit the most demanding of environments. The original article can be found here: LINAK.

Keeping ahead of the competition

The competitive marine boating industry is driven by end-user demand for quality, significant comfort, and distinctiveness. Using LINAK actuators and motor controllers, ALFAB Auto-Marine Glazing Solutions addresses the absence of smooth and controlled windows in luxury boats by engineering an exceptional and innovative automated vertical sliding window system solution.

For over 60 years, the Australian family-owned and operated manufacturer ALFAB Auto-Marine Glazing Solutions, with sites in Melbourne and Brisbane, have provided bespoke window and door systems for most of the nation’s boat and motor body builders.

ALFAB places significant value on research and development, craftsmanship, high-grade materials, and customisation to meet application requirements for the local market and abroad.

The lack of automation in boat window applications and the increased end-user demand for differentiation and improved comfort provided ALFAB with an opportunity to meet market needs by providing a unique solution for marine applications, helping them stay ahead of the competition.

ALFAB leveraged their long-lasting relationship with LINAK to create the new system, benefiting from supply efficiencies, technical support, and quality products to engineer the electrically operated vertical sliding window system, a plug and play solution for the customer.


ALFAB Auto Marine Glazing Solutions Window Automation windows


Designed for efficiency and comfort

The design of the automated window application determined that the actuator would be fully enclosed within a window/wall partition, where there is limited space. To meet this requirement LINAK recommended the LA29 electric actuator due to its compact design.

When it comes to boats, space is a luxury. So the LA29’s compact design combined with its performance, price, and mounting benefits made it an optimum solution.

The vertical sliding window system is automated through a cable drive pulley system on a two-to-one push-pull movement.

In addition to the LA29, the TR-EM-208 single motor control unit was recommended, which is designed to operate a single actuator.

The future of automation in boat manufacturing continues

The LA29 actuator from LINAK is present on all ALFAB automated products built to date, offering the latest solution in window automation. In the future, ALFAB will continue the development of products with advancements in automation and is currently extending the rage to incorporate swing doors, sliding doors, awning windows and horizontal slide windows. ALFAB aims to keep engineering products that deliver the overall ‘Wow’ factor for the end-user.

Marine Doors & Glass for Brisbane’s New CityCat Ferries

6th May 2021

“As another new CityCat enters Brisbane’s waterways the team at ALFAB marine glazing is excited to be involved with Brisbane’s new ferry project. Brisbane’s next-generation ferry fleet feature ultramodern automatic doors and marine glass windows.


This new fleet will be replacing the existing CityCats as they phase in the new specification transport vessels.

Consisting of eight state-of-the-art, 27.2-meter double-decker catamarans that can carry up to 170 passengers, these vessels also have more space for wheelchairs and bicycles than previous CityCat generations. Currently, three ferries names ‘Yoogera’, ‘Neville Bonner’ and ‘Mianjin II’ have been completed and are now operating, while the remaining vessels are expected to be completed over the next four years.

new citycat ferry Brisbane

“We are honoured to have been elected directly by the shipbuilder Aus Ships, to assist in the completion of the new CityCats and look forward to working with them and their talented team” says ALFAB’s Reece Maddison.

The project requires the production and installation of the highest quality windows and automated doors which will see many years of use in a high traffic and challenging environment.

While not for the fainthearted, the experienced team at ALFAB are widely known for providing glazing solutions across a variety of commercial marine vessels.

CityCat Yoogera Brisbane ferry fleet

CityCat Brisbane ferries

Looking for more information about marine glazing & doors for commercial applications?

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Heated Glass for Arctic Marine Vessels

7th December 2020

“We are always excited to have clients with needs that require the very latest in marine glass technology.”

Our team was recently tasked with manufacturing “heated” marine glass that would provide two barge-style vessels safer passage through their voyage’s in Antarctica.

The talented team at Taylor Bro’s, located in Hobart, have built these working vessels to transport both cargo and vehicles to the frozen continent.

Keeping vision clear on such large vessels is imperative for safe navigation through incredibly cold climates. This specially engineered window solution consists of heavy weight metal glazing and a laminated glass unit to withstand the extreme cold conditions the vessels are destined for.

custom heated marine windows

These heated glass windows have frames and glazing systems that meet strict auto/marine safety standards as well as a metal-encapsulated lens and an optically clear heating membrane between the glasses. This high-tech heater mitigates the risk of condensation and ice buildup, designed to be active during the entirety of the journey. 

A big thank you to the Taylor Bro’s team for a great collaboration once again.



Looking to replace the windows in your boat or RV?

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Funky Fiji Ferry

2nd November 2020

“One of the recent eye-catching projects the team at ALFAB have had the pleasure to work on is a bright orange catamaran located in sunny Fiji dubbed ‘SeaFiji’.”

Aside from it’s brilliant hue, this small passenger catamaran has a rather unique forward facing 1/3 opening and a 2/3 fixed hopper window.

SeaFiji’s boat windshield and hopper window glass were custom-made here in Australia and shipped to Fiji for the final installation, making it imperative that all work done was absolutely perfect in accordance with the CAD drawings of the vessel. We were pleased that the glass fit perfectly on arrival and our client’s experience was a positive one.

The precision work needed for this kind of international project is a testament to the craftsmanship, experience and skill quality of our team and company control efforts.




seafiji custom marine windows

Looking to replace the windows in your boat or RV?

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Published July 9th 2020

Deja Vu – Sailing Boat Window Replacement:

Fed up with old leaky windows and glass too cloudy to see through, these sailors decided to take on the job of replacing their boat windows themselves, with a great results.

Take a look at this recent transformation that one of our clever customers took on. When Peter and Janet decided to make some improvements to their sailing boat “Deja Vu”, the windows were high on the to-do list. ALFAB supplied the new windows to the specifications provided and this project included removing the old windows, reinforcing the structure around the openings, then installing the brand new ALFAB windows.

While many window replacements are straight forward, this wasn’t a simple swap out and it certainly wasn’t a quick job — it took 9 full working days over roughly 3 weeks to complete. This time frame was to allow for changes in weather, glue drying and creating timber infills to stabilise the window openings, but as you can see in the amazing before and after shots, this project was well worth the time and effort that went into it.

Peter was kind enough to document the entire installation process from start to finish below.





The boat window removal:

Removing the old faded windows was the first part of the process, exposing the surrounding of the old window. Being handy with tools and timber, Peter proceeded to stabilise the 12mm thick cabin top by epoxying 6mm marine ply spacer in the void, which varied, to get it all a constant thickness. Allowing also for a 3-4mm liner.

Removing the old windows

Cabin top void detail

After considering their options for an infill spacer, Peter decided that buying a band saw from Bunnings and cutting timber infills was the best option. They used ¾” self tappers because the infills were 8mm thick. 

Timber trims

Timber trims installed

The boat window installation:

After beginning with 6G screws Peter found some of them stripped the thread so they changed to 8G, tightening them carefully with an electric driver drill on a low torque setting.

Tef-Gel paste was used to isolate the stainless screws from the aluminium frames.

The Butyl tape was very easy to use and time will soon tell how it performs as the weather warms up.

Windows installed

Windows installed








Peter and Janet were very happy with the end result and glad they put in the time and effort to complete the project themselves. The vessel looks great, the view is clear again and there will be no more leaks. Happy sailing!

If you would like assistance with your next boating renovation project, be sure to get in touch with the team of experts at ALFAB in Queensland or Victoria.

For all your marine glazing needs including boat windscreens and windows, our team will provide you with a high-quality finish and professional advice. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote.

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Jenks Craft Refresh:
The complete renovation process

1st July 2020

Check out this Jenks Craft transformation the team here at ALFAB recently got the chance to assist with. The original vessel was old, run-down and even had a rotting floor. After some much needed attention, our client ended up with a boat that looked like new.

When comparing the before and after shots, you can see the huge difference a bit of work can make to even the most run-down of boats. Renovating a boat can be a fun and rewarding process and it’s also a bonus when you get the chance to reuse and update rather than buying brand new.

We’ve documented the complete renovation process to help you better understand exactly how our client reached this end result.





The renovation stages:

Our client decided to start the process by first pulling out the rotting floors and adding in completely new strings for a brand new floor.

The transom was also removed and replaced with one that our client built to suit his needs.

After this, the old windscreen was removed and replaced with a wave breaker that the client built. The team at ALFAB supplied black powder coated frames with 8mm grey glass to be mounted into the wave breaker.

To finish off the project completely, a range of new electronics were installed, plus a fresh paint job.

Our client was extremely happy with the end result. As you can see from the before and after shots, this Jenks Craft was completely transformed over the course of a few renovation stages.

If you would like assistance with your next boating renovation project, be sure to get in touch with the team of experts at ALFAB in Queensland or Victoria.

For all your marine glazing needs including boat windscreens and windows, our team will provide you with a high-quality finish and professional advice. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote.

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Thinking about restoring a caravan?


9th July 2020

It’s little wonder caravan renovations are becoming so popular as many Australians re-visit road tripping in style and comfort.

Here at ALFAB, our skilled team regularly work with customers on caravan renovation projects and we have supplied or installed a variety of sliding windows, louvre windows and hopper windows, handles and stays, as well as a range of automotive doors.

Over the years, we have assisted many caravan, RV and camper trailer owners with major restorations as well as more minor installations.

Recently, we worked with a client who carried out this refurbishment of an amazing vintage caravan called Marilyn.

What’s involved in a caravan renovation?

Restoring an older or vintage caravan can be a fun and rewarding process, but there is a lot of work that has to be done to achieve this result. If you are wanting to take on a complete interior and exterior caravan restoration, some of the many aspects to consider include: 

  • Windows, windscreen & doors
  • Mechanical work such as brakes, axles & wheels
  • Electrical work 
  • Plumbing & gas
  • Cabinetry
  • Flooring 
  • Interior & exterior paintwork 
  • Seat covers, other upholstery & curtains

Using modern parts for retro caravans:

If you’re hoping to achieve a retro look similar to this recent project completed by our team, you will have to weigh up whether you plan on restoring the caravan faithfully to its original condition, or if you want a modern take with updated materials and parts. 

Using updated and modern materials will generally mean you will end up with a safer and more practical final product. This, however, all comes down to personal preference and how you intend to use your refurbished caravan. It can also be difficult to track down original caravan parts and features, so the quicker and easier option is usually to take a modern spin.

That said, many of the original parts found on caravans like the picture above were fitted with ALFAB windows and fittings even 45 years ago, most of which can still be sourced right here from our team from the store or by request.

Recommended windows & doors for caravans:

For more than 45 years, we’ve been working on caravan projects just like this one and we are always open to assisting with new restorations. Here at ALFAB, we provide standard and custom caravan window and door installations. Our team is highly experienced in producing glass products for caravans of all makes, models and sizes.

Our automotive doors can also be installed in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. There is a range of standard sizes to choose from or we can custom create a door to fit your vehicle. Doors come in glass or acrylic, black or white and round or square top corners. Or we can fabricate to suit your needs in most common materials.

To finish off the caravan refurbishment completely, all automotive doors from ALFAB can be fitted with aluminium hinges or stainless steel hinges, internal security screens and triple locks. We can also assist with a range of seals, rubbers, plastics and other window or door accessories that may be required.

Need more information?

If you’re wanting to restore your caravan, be sure to get in contact with our team of experts for assistance. Backed by decades of industry experience, we can help get your tired caravan or camper trailer looking like new.

For further information or to arrange a comprehensive quote, get in touch with our Queensland or Victorian team today.

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Bass Strait Boat Transformation

June 2020

Take a look at these amazing before and after shots of a Bass Strait Boats Offshore 24 refit the team at ALFAB recently completed.

The client came to us wanting to replace the existing wave breaker and put a five piece windscreen in its place.

As you can see in the before and after photos below, a windscreen refit can make a huge difference to the overall look of your boat. A fresh windscreen is also essential when it comes to visibility and safety.


Bass Strait Boats









Are you interested in a windscreen refit for your boat?

For further information on any of our services, be sure to get in contact with the experts at ALFAB today.

Would you like a marine windscreen quote?

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3D Shaped Polycarbonate:
Ideal for race boat & race car windows

June 2020

Combining UV stability with superior impact resistance, polycarbonate sheet material is the ideal option for harsh environments where physical impacts are common—for example, race boat and race car windows.

Here at ALFAB, we take on a range of 3D shaped polycarbonate projects and we recommend polycarbonate to anyone who is seeking a durable, safe and lightweight alternative to glass.


Available in clear as well as a variety of colour options, UV polycarbonate is the perfect choice for architectural applications, particularly where extended service life and resistance to colour shift is needed. UV polycarbonate sheets provide enhanced UV-resistance, exceptional durability throughout changing weather conditions and high impact strength.

The sheets can be thermoformed, fabricated and decorated to suit your requirements. For your peace of mind, it is even backed by a 5-year limited warranty against breakage, excessive yellowing and loss of light transmission.

Polycarbonate provides competition race boats and race cars with a huge benefit in terms of weight reduction, safety and performance enhancement when compared to glass alternatives. Below are examples of polycarbonate applications used for a race car and race boat:










There are various other applications for polycarbonate where safety is paramount, such as within the industrial and architectural industries.

Some of these applications include:

  • Forestry machinery windows
  • Balcony guards
  • Security screen protection
  • Personal protection shields

Here at ALFAB, we regularly work with 3D shaped polycarbonate on a range of marine applications including race boat windows. If you’re interested in UV polycarbonate or would like to learn more, be sure to get in touch with the specialists at ALFAB today.

Would you like a polycarbonate quote?

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Have you checked out our new online shop yet?

boat out on the water

The team here at ALFAB is pleased to let you know that our new online shop is open and ready for business. Our shop is stocked with a huge range of parts and accessories for boats and other marine vessels old and new, as well as some automotive products.

The products you can find on our new online store includes: 

  • Door accessories
  • Door, hatch & window hardware
  • Window accessories
  • Rubber & plastics
  • Seals
  • Window accessories
  • Other miscellaneous items


Whether you have more spare time on your hands, enjoy working on your boat or you are a professional in the industry, you can be sure ALFAB can find (or manufacture) the right part for you. Now is the ideal time to finally complete those ongoing tasks or perhaps start a new project to refresh or repair your boat?

Thanks to our new online shop, you can now easily order the parts and accessories you require from the comfort of your own home. Here at ALFAB, we only supply our customers with high quality products, so you can relax knowing that when your order arrives at your doorstep it will be just as described.

If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to take a look at our new online shop. Marine door locks, boat windscreen hatch handles and boat door seals are just some of the products you’ll be able to browse through and potentially purchase. Many of our products are available in a variety of sizes and colours to suit the varying needs of our customers. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or you can’t find something you’re looking for, be sure to get in touch with our Queensland or Victorian team today.


Window Accessories


boat doors

Door Accessories


boat hatches



rubber and plasics

Rubber / Plastics


boat hatches



Introducing Our Newest Innovation:
Flush Glazed

February 2020

Sleek, streamlined and the first of its kind, the team here at ALFAB is thrilled to share our newest innovation in marine windows and doors with you—Flush Glazed. We are excited to add this newly developed glazing system to our range which is suitable for new builds as well as retro-fitting or replacing old windows and doors.

Flush Glazed provides the most modern and sophisticated door and window finishes and we want to share this advancement with you. We’ve put together a simple summary below to help you understand what exactly Flush Glazed is and why you should consider it for your boat.



What is Flush Glazed?

Flush Glazed is a new-to-market marine glazing innovation. Unlike traditional forms of marine glazing where multiple panels of glass are separated or joined together using frames, Flush Glazed windows and doors removes this requirement without any detriment to the quality or versatility. Therefore, by reducing the amount of frame exposure, we are able to provide a more seamless, clean and crisp look.

The luxurious finish provided by Flush Glazed won’t leave you compromising functionality. In fact, Flush Glazed installations even reduce cleaning time and make it a much easier process due to the reduced frames and joints to worry about like there is with standard types of marine glazing.

“The Flush Glazed product range gives clients options to a conventional commercial cavity glazing system with a seamless smooth appearance for their vessels.  The design idea for the Flush Glazed product suite stemmed from a bespoke concept with an aim to complement clients products with a ‘next level’ enhanced look and feel not seen in the marine market before.”   Said Reece Maddison, ALFAB’s Managing Director. The product can be tailored for production builders, custom builders and refit projects alike.

Maritimo before and after Flush Glazed


Why should I opt for Flush Glazed?

Flush Glazed full door


Here at ALFAB, we strongly believe in creating a luxurious experience onboard every marine vessel, without compromise. This is ultimately achieved by choosing unique and high-quality materials teamed by decades of experience. Flush Glazed exudes both quality and luxury—it’s a simple way to further enhance the aesthetic of your boat and make a bold statement.

Your vessel doesn’t have to look like every other one on the water. You can ensure it stands out by opting for unique and state-of-the-art solutions. Stylish and sleek, Flush Glazed is a minor adjustment that will make a major difference when it comes to the overall appeal of your boat.

Would you like to learn more about Flush Glazed? Get in contact with our Queensland or Victorian team today for all Flush Glazed enquiries or to learn more about our extensive range of marine glazing solutions.


Would you like a Flush Glazed quote?

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Make the most of the clear skies with a Webasto BlueSky roof

5th February 2020

Create the best possible atmosphere on board your boat with a sky roof installation. Here at ALFAB, we regularly assist our clients with deciding on the best option to improve their vessel based on their needs and budget.

One of our top picks is Webasto’s BlueSky products for premium sky roof options.

The ALFAB team is a proud agent for Webasto and we are pleased to supply and service the new BlueSky range.

There’s now a variety of new sky roof options available including:

  • Manual operation: the popular electronic BlueSky roof is now available in a manual alternative. This style provides many of the same features of the electronic version but comes with a much more budget-friendly price tag.
  • Glass panel: similar to the acrylic version, the new glass panel option is also electronically operated and is available with a 6mm tinted glass panel. This is one of the more high-end options as it offers a flush integration as part of the design.
  • Cut-out size: just like the existing 770 x 720 version, the BlueSky roof is now available in a smaller size of 500 x 500.
  • Black finish: create a luxe look by considering a black finish sky roof. This option is great when you’re wanting a modern finish and it also blends seamlessly with black frames and pillars.


BlueSky range from Webasto


Here at ALFAB, we are careful to align our business with others who share our commitment to the quality of products—this is why we are such big fans of the Webasto range. We are very excited about the new BlueSky roof products, some of our favourite features include:

  • Design: both the acrylic and glass panel options provide a clean and sleek frameless appearance. The acrylic panel has a D-Shape design, double layer strength and is extremely lightweight. The glass panel option is great for flush fit integration and creates a high-end appeal.
  • Operation: the electronic roofs are very easy to use and provide you with a tilt or slide option at the press of a button. The manual alternatives are easily moved with a crossbar. The panel can be blocked in any position.
  • Technical: the BlueSky range provides a completely watertight system thanks to its state-of-the-art sealing system around the frames.


BlueSky range from Webasto


Are you considering a sky roof for your boat? We can assist with everything you need to know about the BlueSky range from Webasto.


Learn more about the Webasto BlueSky Roof range.


For more information on our sky roof installation services or servicing existing Webasto products, be sure to get in contact with the specialists at ALFAB.

Would you like a sky roof quote?

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How can I keep my boat cool
& improve airflow?

January 2020

With the warmer months well and truly upon us, you might have noticed how hot it can get inside your boat. If you want to create some extra airflow, there are many different ways to achieve increased ventilation and decrease the temperature inside your boat.

Here are some popular options:  

  • Addition of opening windows
  • Installation of hatches
  • Window Tinting


Magnus hatch

Changing existing glass to opening windows or adding new windows can be a simple and cost-effective way to improve airflow and keep the temperature down inside the vessel. Some popular window styles include sliding, fixed and hopper windows. Reece Maddison from ALFAB shared his thoughts with us:

“When clients come to us wanting to cool down their boat we’ll often recommend that they opt for forward-facing hopper windows or hatches. A vessel will usually bow to the wind, even when at anchor, so a forward-facing window option will catch the breeze and ensure you achieve a consistent airflow.”

Craig, a Gold Coast boating enthusiast recently came to ALFAB wanting help with cooling down his 40′ Tasman Elite sailing catamaran. New glass was cut for the forward-facing windows allowing for Magnus Hatches to be installed within the glass and the existing tint on the remaining glass was replaced to reduce the heat and improve visibility.

While ALFAB can supply and install retrofitted glass and hatches, Craig decided to do the job himself and with a bit of advice from the team at ALFAB, the 2 new windows and Magnus Hatches were installed in an afternoon. Craig was blown away by the huge difference it made:

“Our saloon is large and the windows slope backward making it very hot inside. It’s gone from unbearable on a hot day to breezy and cool. I was surprised how much effect the hatches had on the air flow, the saloon is now cleared of any hot air very quickly. The result is simple, safe and easily secured”

Craig opted for a modern window tint which allows the majority of light to pass through (providing good visibility) whilst still blocking the majority of the heat and harmful rays. This is important as the glass over the saloon of his catamaran is sloped and creates a greenhouse effect if the heat gets through.

A high-quality tint or film will help keep the inside of your vessel cool even in hot climates. Window tinting is available in a range of colours and specifications and can also improve the look of your boat, help to reduce glare, block harmful UV rays and work to reduce premature fading of your vessel’s interior. 

There is a wide range of cost-effective solutions out there to keep your boat cool so you can sit back and enjoy the moment. 

Windows, hatches and window tints are the top options for decreasing temperature and improving airflow onboard. Here at ALFAB, we provide a range of solutions for boats of all shapes and sizes. For more information, be sure to get in contact with our Queensland or Victorian team today for more advice.




Would you like a quote?

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Different Materials For
Marine Windows

16 January 2020

These days, there’s a huge range of options available when it comes to the marine glass for boats and other vessels. Depending on your particular vessel and what you intend to use it for will determine which is the most suited materials for your boat.

To help you better understand the many variations of marine materials on the market, the specialists at ALFAB have created a simple summary outlining some of the popular options.



Our top pick for boat windows is glass. Both Laminated Toughened glass and Monolithic Toughened glass, in particular, are extremely durable and offer a high degree of resistance against breaks, cracks, and chips—this makes them perfect for boating. Glass is also very easy to clean and maintain. Glass looks extremely sleek, so it will even help to improve the overall look of your vessel. Here at ALFAB, we manufacture and install boat windows, windscreens and doors to your boat’s specifications and we’ll be more than happy to help you find a marine glass option that will enhance both the functionality and look of your boat.


Polycarbonate is constructed from a form of semi-rigid plastic and provides an extremely clear appearance—often clearer than most other types of plastics. This material is particularly popular because it’s also incredibly strong and durable, making it perfect for rugged use where there’s a higher chance of breakage. There is also the option to have polycarbonate coated with a top layer that protects from both scratches and UV rays.


Acrylic is another popular choice for boat windscreens and windows. Acrylic is durable and difficult to break. Similar to polycarbonate materials, acrylic also provides excellent visibility and is lighter in weight compared to glass, so it’s another great option for boat windscreens in particular. Acrylic is however generally easier to scratch than other materials and it can’t be rolled away—it’s usually one of the more cost-effective materials to use.

Need more information on marine glass & other materials?

Here at ALFAB, we’re specialists in marine glass of all forms including boat windscreens, windows and doors. Our team of marine glazing experts are available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding marine glass and the materials that are most suited to your boat.

For further information, be sure to get in contact with our professional team in Brisbane or Melbourne today.

Would you like a marine glass quote?

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New Windscreen for
Haines Boats Classic

November 2019

With more than half a century of boat manufacturing experience, Haines Boats has a reputation for creating reliable and stylish vessels including sports boats, fishing boats and vessels perfect for cruising with the family.

Australian-built, Haines boats are known to be proven performers in all conditions, with both new and used models highly sought-after within the Australian boating community.


The Haines Boats Lifestyle

These days, Haines Boats is backed by an almost cult-like following and many boating enthusiasts are regularly on the look-out for classic models to refurbish. The “Old School Haines Boats” group on Facebook now has more than 35,000 members and it’s just one of the many hubs where lovers and owners of the boats come to share their refurbishment stories and advice. Restoring older boat models can be a fun and rewarding hobby—better still, by opting to restore your Haines Boats or other classic vessel, you’ll be sure to see its value skyrocket.

Here at ALFAB, we recently assisted with a windscreen refit for a classic Haines Hunter 163. The windscreen replacement refreshed the entire look of the boat and increased visibility from the helm, but still maintained the classic feel Haines Boats followers have come to know and love. As you can see in the before and after shots, the minor adjustment of a windscreen replacement was a simple way to rejuvenate the appearance of the classic model and also improve the functionality:


BEFORE windscreen replacement


AFTER windscreen replacement






Considering refurbishing your boat?

The team at ALFAB are proud to assist Haines Boats owners with all their marine glass needs. We’ve provided and installed many of the original windscreens for a range of Haines Boats models and we regularly perform refit and refurbishment services for our clients who are proud owners of classic models.

If you’re considering refurbishing your boat, a windscreen refit is always a perfect place to start. For Haines Boats and other brands, ALFAB is here to assist with all your marine glazing needs including windscreens, windows, doors and hatches.

For more information on our marine glass solutions, be sure to get in contact with our team of experts in Brisbane or Melbourne today.


Is your boat due for a new windscreen?

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Check Out This Nautique Refit:
Get The Look For Your Boat With a New Windscreen

30th October 2019

As the old saying goes at Nautique Central: “there is never too much of a great thing.” Here at ALFAB, we agree. This is why we offer a complete range of new windscreen and window refit services for boats of all shapes and sizes. We provide detailed refurbishments and installation solutions for our fellow boating enthusiasts—helping you get out on the water more often to do what you love.

At ALFAB, we’re the experts when it comes to auto-marine glasswork. Our skilled team has assisted countless boating enthusiasts refresh their vessels through windscreen refits, new doors, windows and even smaller adjustments like updating trims and seals.


Nautique Air Windscreen Refit

Recently, we assisted a client throughout the refurbishing process of his newly purchased Air Nautique vessel. One of the alterations to his Nautique was a complete windscreen refit. This newly installed boat windscreen was a somewhat minor alteration in the grand scheme of things, but it made a huge difference to the overall look and functionality of the vessel.

Here at ALFAB, we’re the experts when it comes to all your marine glass needs including window and windscreen refits for boats of all sizes and models. If you’re unsure of the direction you would like to take for your particular boat—our windscreen experts are onsite to provide you with reliable advice on all your boat refurbishment needs. Just like this recent Nautique windscreen replacement, we also cater our refurbishment services to boats small and large including Bayliner, Quintrex, Hains Hunter and Sea Ray vessels.

Get The Look For Your Boat

You too can have your boat looking as fresh as this Nautique Air by opting for a new windscreen for your beloved vessel. At ALFAB, we specialise in a complete range of marine glazing solutions including the installation of run-around windscreens, hard-top windscreens and direct glazed windscreens. 

Considering a new windscreen for your boat? For further information on any of our boating refurbishment services or glazing solutions—get in contact with our Brisbane or Melbourne team today.


Considering a windscreen refit your boat?

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Simple Tips
For Refreshing Your Boat

23rd October 2019

“Have you been considering giving your boat a much needed makeover? Save yourself some time and money by opting for a few minor adjustments that will make a huge difference to the look, feel and functionality of your vessel.”

Here at ALFAB, we’re the experts when it comes to auto-marine glasswork. Our skilled team has assisted countless boating enthusiasts refresh their vessels through windscreen refits, new doors, windows and even smaller adjustments like updating trims and seals.

Get started on your boat makeover today—take a look at some of our top tips and tricks for refreshing the appearance of your boat:



Whether you’ve been noticing visibility issues or you’re just considering a modern new look for your boat—a windscreen refit is a perfect solution for adding both style and functionality to your vessel. Depending on your boat, a run-around or a hard-top windscreen will likely be one of your top choices when it comes to creating a new look. At ALFAB, our technicians are experienced when it comes to replacing windscreens for a complete range of boats including speedboats, classic models and runabouts. Our team has recently installed and replaced windscreens for Nautique, Cruise Craft, Haines Hunter, Quintrex and many more.


Installing custom made windows is a great way to create a completely unique look for your boat. Perfect for vessels old and new, a window refit is perfect when improving the appearance while still keeping safety and functionality in mind. Popular window styles when refurbishing boats generally include sliding, fixed and hopper windows. The experts at ALFAB regularly install a variety of windows for boats of all shapes and sizes including curved windows, interior windows and enclosed marine windows. We provide a selection of light, medium and heavy duty extrusions to meet even the most specific requirements.


A new door installation is guaranteed to add value to your boat and completely refresh its appearance. Not only will new doors vastly improve the look of your boat, but they will also improve practicality when the wild weather hits. Corrosion resistant and weather tight, all new doors installed by ALFAB are highly durable and built to last. Popular styles among boating enthusiasts often include hinged, sliding, bi-fold and curved cabin doors. At ALFAB, we install an extensive range of marine doors to suit boats of all styles and ages—from small runaround vessels to much larger boats and yachts.

Start Refreshing Your Boat Today

If you’ve been considering replacing or upgrading your beloved boat, first try some of our simple refurbishing tips. Adjustments like windscreen, window and door refits are great solutions when it comes to improving the overall look and functionality of your boat. Here at ALFAB, our highly skilled team provides an extensive range of marine glazing solutions and installations to meet all your boat improvement needs. For more information or to arrange a quote—get in contact with ALFAB in Brisbane or Melbourne today.

Considering a makeover for your boat?

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Toughened Glass:
Why It’s Best For Your Boat

8th October 2019

“Four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass, toughened glass (also sometimes known as tempered glass) is regularly used for windows, doors and any kind of glasswork that’s at a higher risk of being broken.”

Toughened glass is the ideal option when it comes to the glass required for boats, yachts or other marine vessels. At ALFAB, our glaziers create a range of toughened glass products including curved toughened glass, flat toughened glass and safety glass.


How is toughened glass made?

Toughened glass is created with a very specific thermal treatment process whereby regular annealed glass is heated to around 650 to 700 degrees celsius. Once heated, the glass is then rapidly cooled back down. This thermal process is what makes the glass so strong and durable.

Here at ALFAB, we can also customise our glasswork with ceramic coating technologies, enabling us to print decorative designs directly onto the glass. We can even have company logos or any other specific design printed directly onto the glass.

Toughened glass is extremely strong and specifically created to withstand even the harshest conditions. The extreme strength and durability of toughened glass makes it the perfect choice for boat and houseboat windows and windscreens.

Toughened glass is also a top choice when it comes to safety. If toughened glass breaks, it will shatter or crumble into small and relatively harmless pieces. This is different to regular annealed glass that’s likely to break into much larger and dangerous shards.

Thermal Resistance:
Due to the unique treatment process toughened glass undergoes when it’s created, it’s also strong enough to withstand extreme heat conditions without shattering like standard annealed glass often does.

If you’re searching for both clarity and quality in your glasswork, ALFAB toughened glass is a superior option. Toughened glass provides a crystal clear quality, making it perfect for all sorts of uses including boat windows and windscreens.

Talk to our expert team

At ALFAB, we’re the experts when it comes to curved and flat toughened glass. We’re available to assist you with all the glasswork required for your boat, yacht or other marine vessels. For more information on our toughened glass services, get in contact with our Brisbane or Melbourne team today.

Considering toughened glass?

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Marine Innovations:
Polished Stainless Steel Isn’t Your Only Option Anymore!

9th September 2019

“A Ceracoat finish will also prevent barnacles, mussels and seagrasses from attaching to and/or damaging the hull of your boat. So you’ll spend less time and money cleaning your boat and removing these potentially harmful items from your vessel.”

In a marine environment, using the right finish is crucial in ensuring the durability and longevity of the parts on your vessel. Polished Stainless steel has long been a favourite choice for boat owners and builders alike, but it is no longer your only option.

Ceracoat is a highly efficient, cost-effective and long-lasting protective coating that can stand up to the elements. Constant cleaning, waxing and polishing your hardware, hinges, button heads and handles will soon be a thing of the past.



Ceracoat VS Polished Stainless Steel

Polished stainless steel has traditionally been the material of choice for boat hardware as it is tough and durable in a variety of conditions. Typically constructed from an alloy of steel and chromium, a polished stainless steel finish keeps oxygen out through the formation of a layer of chromium oxide on the surface. This thin layer is chemically passive, which means it will not react with air or water, making it a great choice for the marine environment.

Ceracoat, on the other hand, is a finish that provides two functions in one. Essentially it does the job of both a paint and a sealer, similar to how a lacquer performs with wood. This ceramic-based finish can be applied to a range of materials including metals, plastics and wood. Utilising state-of-the-art technologies, Ceracoat out-performs any other coating in both lab settings and in real-world scenarios. This finish is a great alternative to a polished stainless steel finish as it enhances physical properties such as resistance to wear, corrosion and chemicals while improving impact strength and hardness.

Benefits of Using Ceracoat

Ceracoat is becoming increasingly popular with boat builders, owners and engineers as it puts an end to grease, stains and other sediments on stainless steel and other metal surfaces. Ceracoat provides a long-lasting, tough, durable and ultra-thin layer of protection that is easy to clean and maintain. This finish is also salt-resistant and it is environmentally friendly so when it comes to being in the marine environment it can be tough while being kind.

A Ceracoat finish will also prevent barnacles, mussels and seagrasses from attaching to and/or damaging the hull of your boat. This means you need to spend less time and money cleaning your boat and removing these potentially harmful items from your vessel. What’s more, with less drag, you will get better fuel efficiency which will save you even more money in the long run.

Consider Ceracoat

Whether you are in the market for a new boat, fixing up an old model or you are simply looking to improve function or performance on what you already have, you should consider a Ceracoat finish for your hardware, major structures or hinges, button heads and handles. With so many benefits over a stainless steel finish, Ceracoat will continue to grow in popularity. Whatever finish you decide to go with, one thing is certain, a polished stainless steel finish is certainly not your only option anymore, and it’s worth considering the other choices out there to ensure you get the best finish for the best value.

Interested in Ceracoat?

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Marine Innovations:
Automated Vertical Glass Solutions

3rd September 2019

“One popular use for automated vertical glass is for room separation, especially on larger luxury and commercial vessels. Not only do they add a touch of class to the space but they are highly functional too.”

For boat owners and builders, having a vessel that is functional and that looks great is important. You want to ensure that your boat can stand up to the challenges of the marine environment while providing you with enough comfort to enjoy your time on the water as much as possible.

There are more opportunities than ever in the marine industry to add stylistic, functional elements to your boat, such as automated vertical glass. Depending on how much space you have available, you may consider installing automated vertical glass solutions to separate rooms, to give you easier access to the deck or to simply to bring yourself closer to the outdoor marine environment you enjoy so much.


How Automated Vertical Glass Can Be Used

There are a huge variety of ways that automated vertical glass can be incorporated into the design of your boat. One popular use for automated vertical glass is for room separation, especially on larger luxury and commercial vessels. Not only do they add a touch of class to the space but they are highly functional too. Automated sliding glass doors can also be installed in larger vessels such as ferries to make access to different areas of the boat easier for passengers, especially for anyone who might need disabled access.

Automation can also be added to existing glass that you may already have installed onboard. On a smaller privately owned boat, you can automate the windows around the cockpit to allow easier access to the deck for you and your passengers. Automating windows in this area of the boat will also allow you to feel the wind and the spray as you make your way through the water, without having to worry about your windows being properly secured.

Installing Automated Glass

Having automated vertical solutions doesn’t need to be a big job. Depending on the specifics of the installation, you can add motors to existing mechanisms or you can opt to install a pre-assembled self-contained unit. These self-contained units can easily be retrofitted so that they work seamlessly with what you already have in place. Simply add power, install the product straight off the shelf and you can start enjoying the automation that will make life easier for you, your passengers and crew.

Talk To The Professionals

Here at ALFAB, we have pioneered the development of window systems for different types of marine applications for more than 60 years. Get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable team at our Brisbane office, or our location in Melbourne, and let us help you to choose the right automated vertical glass solution to meet the needs of your vessel. 

Looking for a custom automated vertical glass solution?

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Introducing Assegai 51
High-End Game Fishing Boat

3rd September 2019

“The heavy-duty marine glass panel were a design creation to deliver a viewing experience and complement the external aesthetics of the vessel.”

We are honoured to have worked with the Assegai development team spearheaded by Barry Martin and are excited to be involved with the recent launch of the Assegai 51. The high-end game fishing boats are constructed with a dedicated team of craftsman to develop such perfection.

Assegai 51 High-end game fishing boat

Our highly experienced team are excited and ready to help you plan and craft the perfect custom heavy-duty marine glass panel for your boat.


About Assegai 51

Assegai 51 High-end game fishing boat

The custom fabricated 51 is no exception with maximum performance without compromising on construction.  The large unique ‘tear drop’ shaped side windows bring the outdoors inside. The heavy-duty marine glass panel were a design creation to deliver a viewing experience and complement the external aesthetics of the vessel.  The windows have a smooth exterior all glass finish for a clean seamless appearance.

If you have any questions about the Assegai 51 high-end game fishing boat or custom fabricated marine glass window panels and would like to speak with one of our team, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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Marine Innovations:
Riviera’s New Advanced Deflector Screen

13th May 2019

“We are curious to see if this innovative new deflector screen will find it’s way on to future vessels or if similar systems will be retrofitted on existing vessels to increase comfort while preserving invaluable visibility.”

At the 2018 Sydney International Boat Show, the largest recreational boat show in the Southern Hemisphere that hosts nearly 1,000 boats per year, the team at Alfab were pleased to observe the newly unveiled, highly technical and advanced deflector screen found on the new cross-purpose Riviera 39-foot Open Flybridge.

Riviera 39 Open Flybridge with advanced boat deflector screen


Riviera’s unprecedented attention to detail and perfection was clearly demonstrated in this latest bluewater boat release with many innovative design features on showcase, but it was this advanced deflector screen that truly stole the show.

Our highly experienced team are excited and ready to help you plan and craft the perfect advanced deflector screen for your boat.

About Riviera’s New Advanced Boat Deflector Screen

advanced boat deflector screen

This new screen is manufactured utilising multiple advanced materials that allow for its smooth curves and sharp angles, which result in a screen that provides exceptional internal comfort while maintaining high visibility to all corners of the vessel from the upstairs helm.

We are curious to see if this innovative new deflector screen will find it’s way on to future vessels or if similar systems will be retrofitted on existing vessels to increase comfort while preserving invaluable visibility.

Our team of designers and glaziers have the experience and technology to produce custom advanced deflector screens, not unlike what we’ve seen on Riveria’s new Flybridge, to suit any vessel.

If you would like to increase your boat’s level of comfort while maintaining visibility, contact us today to receive a free quote for an advanced marine deflector screen tailored to your individual needs.

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3 Ways to Prepare for a:
Custom Metal Fabrication Project

12th April 2019

“Custom aluminium fabrication work is both an art and a craft, so it’s important that you refrain from limiting your collaborators with unnecessary and complicated requests. This will ensure a better collaboration and end result.”

When embarking on a metal fabrication project, you need to prepare properly to ensure that you get the quality results you want. Whether it’s a small job or a large, complicated project, the saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ certainly holds true. It’s important to take some time to plan out the project, look at your resource management and ensure that you keep open lines of communication with everyone involved from inception through to completion.

As with any project, it’s crucial that you have a clear image of what you are trying to achieve. Without a clear goal in place, it is much more difficult to manage your expectations and to achieve the results you want from your fabrication project.

Throughout the project, it can be easy to get distracted and dedicate too much time to the smaller more intricate elements, but if you want to stay on track, you need to keep a firm focus on your end goal.

Let’s take a look at three ways that you can prepare for a metal fabrication project to ensure you achieve the results you want.

1. Stick to the Plan

It’s easy to get caught up in brainstorming sessions that result in a plan with less-than-ideal expectations. It’s important that you stick to what you know and what has worked in the past. Custom aluminium fabrication work is both an art and a craft, so it’s important that you refrain from limiting your collaborators with unnecessary and complicated requests. This will ensure a better collaboration and end result.

Sticking with what’s familiar and proven also enables you to correctly assess and explain the project to your collaborators. When embarking on any project, you want to ensure that you correctly communicate your needs and understand the overall process so that you can accurately estimate timelines, budgets and other logistical issues.

2. Request a Portfolio

When you need aluminium work or general metal work done, you’re going to want to make sure that your builders are able to complete the job to your expectations. In order to ensure they can deliver what you need, you should request a portfolio of their previous work.

Look for any industry expert documents that highlight their successes with similar projects to the one you are starting. Use their portfolio to assess their capabilities and even expand on your own project. Browsing through their previous work will give you a better idea of what techniques they specialise in, giving you the ability to adjust your project based on their expertise.

3. Send a Welding Coupon

If you’re unfamiliar, a welding coupon is a small representation of your entire project and is used as a kind of sample. Use a coupon to give your future collaborators a first-hand idea of what you want them to put into practice. Using a coupon will eliminate any communication limitations and makes it easier for both you and your future collaborators to expand a project from a tangible example rather than a spoken or written description.

Ensure a Successful Custom Metal Fabrication Project

Whether you’re looking for a window frame or a sliding door, you need to be sure that you clearly communicate the specifics of your project. If you want something quite particular or intricate, make sure to lay out your exact requirements and discuss the details in depth with the fabricator to ensure you get the results you want. With the right plan in place and everyone on the same page, you can be sure that your project will be a success.


If you have any questions about custom metal fabrication projects and would like to speak with one of our team, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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Alfab Australia:
Authorised Webasto Marine Sunroof Dealer

26th March 2019

“From single standard manual sliding roofs through to double-curved electric roofs equipped with step-less lock systems, we are sure to find the style that meets your individual needs and complements the aesthetic of your vessel.”

Since 1955 Alfab has been privileged to work with industry leading boat manufacturers who constantly motivate our team of marine glaziers and fabricators to realise their truly cutting-edge designs by pushing the boundaries of the craft and current technology.

We are always looking to work with the best in the industry, which is why we are pleased to announce that we have become an Authorised Queensland Webasto Marine Sunroof Dealer and Service Agent. 


Our highly experienced team are excited and ready to help you find the right Webasto sunroof for your boat and provide ongoing services to ensure it performs well into the future.


About Webasto

It is without question that Webasto, world-renowned for their development of innovative automotive and marine sunroofs since their foundation in 1901, can provide customers with innovative sunroof solutions that are not only easy to operate but can withstand the harsh marine environment.

Webasto sunroofs are in high demand within the luxury marine and motor industry and features in such luxury vehicles and vessels as:

  • RIVIERA 72 Sports Motor Yacht – Overhead sunroof, electrically actuated with leather wrapped handhold.
  • MARITIMO s70 Yacht – 6-foot, 6-inch wide overhead fibereglass sunroof with bug screen and electric mechanisms.
  • SABRE 52 Salon Express Yacht – 58-inch x 40-inch flush-mount marine glass overhead sunroof.
  • VARIOUS AUTO MANUFACTURERS – Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce.

Webasto has a range of manual and electric roofing solutions to suit most applications backed by a two-year warranty and expertly trained service agents across the globe. From single standard manual sliding roofs through to double-curved electric roofs equipped with step-less lock systems, we are sure to find the style that meets your individual needs and complements the aesthetic of your vessel.

If you have any questions about Webasto marine sunroofs and would like to speak with one of our team, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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Boat Review:
Cruise Craft F360 Centre Console

5th March 2019

Our team has been working with the skilled designers and boat builders at Cruise Craft for over 40 years and we believe this new centre console range clearly demonstrates Cruise Craft’s dedication to innovative design and quality craftsmanship.

Centre console boats are currently all the rage for boaties who enjoy recreational fishing and diving – and for a good reason. Centre console vessels are known for their spacious, walk-around deck designs, excellent handling during unfavourable ocean conditions and often come with a good assortment of practical features for the active adventurer.

In recent months we have seen a particularly noticeable spike in the release of these models, such as the brand new Cruise Craft range of F360’s. Our team has been working with the skilled designers and boat builders at Cruise Craft for over 40 years and we believe this new centre console range clearly demonstrates Cruise Craft’s dedication to innovative design and quality craftsmanship.

centre console boat with curved windscreen

If you are on the market for a quality and feature-rich fishing boat, you should definitely consider an F360. 

Keep reading to find out why one of these vessels could help you catch the big one.


Cruise Craft F360 Range

cruise craft centre console boat windscreen

  • Seating capacity: 6 people
  • Fuel capacity: 210L (Opt 250L)
  • Length: 6.35m

The F360 series or ‘Fish 360’ is a fantastic range of vessels best suited for game fishing enthusiasts. Standard inclusions on the F360 make fishing a breeze, such as hydraulic steering, a built-in 3 drawer tackle box, 4 cleats, 4 fishing rod holders, over 700 litres of storage and a self-draining floor.

What sets this boat range apart is their frameless acrylic, cross curve, clear windscreens that comes equipped with pre-cut clearance holes for a tidy mechanical fixing. This style of windscreen is manufactured utilising a pressed heat moulding method, resulting in a seamless, easy to clean finish and increased durability of the finished material.

And that’s not all, Cruise Craft offers additional amenities so you can tailor the boat to your individual boating needs.

It is important to keep in mind when comparing centre console boats, that the style and features of the windscreen should be considered especially carefully as this key element is responsible for protecting you and the console amenities for the natural marine environment while on board.

If you have any questions regarding our custom windscreen manufacturing services please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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Switchable Marine Glass:What is it And How Can I Get It?

February 18th 2019

“Magic Made Real: This switching technology can also be applied to existing glass using a film that incorporates the same liquid crystals.” 

From boardrooms to bathrooms, switchable glass, or ‘privacy glass’, is a modern alternative to blinds or curtains that can be used in a variety of applications. At Alfab, we’ve seen switchable glass utilised for boat windows as well as in bathrooms, entertaining areas and on partitions.

Switchable glass technology works by producing a laminated glass, which includes a layer of a material called Liquid Crystal Privacy Film that responds to electrical currents. Switchable glass technology can also be applied to existing glass using a film that incorporates the same liquid crystals.

Half Frosted over switchable glass on marine window

When power is sent to the glass through a hardwired switch, the crystals come into alignment and offer clear glass and unrestricted views. When the power is turned off, the glass returns to an opaque form, allowing for privacy.

Office wall made of frosted switchable glass
Office wall made of frosted switchable glass


Applying this film to existing glass can be seen as a cheaper alternative to installing new glass panels, however, it is important to have a professional complete the installation. Creases or bends in the film could damage the crystals, and result in patches where the glass remains clear even after the switch.

Watching this type of glass change is instantaneous and impressive. Switchable glass provides a clean, modern look to any window, onboard bathroom or glass wall that cannot be achieved otherwise. Additionally, you will gain back a tiny bit of space that is now not being taken up by blinds, curtains or an alternate window covering.

Contact the team at Alfab for a free quote on custom-made switchable glass today.

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At Alfab, our expert glaziers provide tailor-made glass solutions to customers on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Melbourne. We take pride in helping you take your marine windows and other glass panels to the next level with the latest technology.

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Announcing the NewMaritimo X60 Motor Yacht

“Luxury on the Sea”

February 8th 2019

For the past two years, we have been working diligently with the innovative vessel designers and builders at Maritimo in order to achieve their desired outcome in a stunning piece of modern marine design and ingenuity.

Alfab’s team of glaziers and craftsmen are excited to announce the success of the recently launched, Maritimo X60 Motor Yacht.

For the past two years, we have been working diligently with the innovative vessel designers and builders at Maritimo in order to achieve their desired outcome in a stunning piece of modern marine design and ingenuity.

custom boat windows on maritimo x60 motor yacht

It has been a highly respected experience in our long term relationship to work with the vision of designer Tom Barry-Cotter, who spearheaded the X60’s development team from start to finish. Barry-Cotter states “The X Series is a result of an extensive customer-focused design and development process from our ongoing R&D program and the X60 design makes a statement, whether at sea or at anchor” and we couldn’t agree more.

Let’s dive into the design features that make the Maritimo X60 so unique!

haines centre console boat windshield
Interior of Maritimo X60, wooden kitchen


One of the X60’s greatest feat in luxury can be found in its stylish multi-functional saloon that quite literally “opens up” to let the outdoors in thanks to twin massive overhead sunroofs and large vista three stage side-opening windows. These sliding boat windows are manufactured with the highest quality, triple marine glass panels and were specifically designed to evoke the feeling that you are bringing the great outdoors right inside the vessel, each having a smooth fully-glass exterior for a clean seamless appearance that enhances the overall aesthetic of the vessel. We utilise 90% new materials list for a contemporary solution to complement the vessels experience.

The X60’s game-changing “Beach Club” saloon design was fueled by the desire to keep all areas of the vessel open and connected – making it the perfect fit for those who love to entertain friends and family while enjoying life on the sea. It features water-level access, a full bar, kitchen with a large island bench, plenty of lounging space, dayhead, TV unit, 7.1 surround sound, LED lighting, storage, appliances and more!

Barry-Cotter explained, “The whole boat has been designed around that aft cabin…the engineering systems, the balance, everything – it’s all been tweaked to make that space work. By including the aft cabin in our initial plans, it has opened up so much extra accommodation space, and neutrally balanced the vessels planning characteristics for great performance.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in realising this exciting project and we look forward to continuing to push the limits and possibilities that come with custom designed marine windows and glazing solutions on future vessels.

Have questions about our work on the new Maritimo X60?

Contact the team at Alfab today to discuss how we can help you realise your custom marine glazing project.

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Boat Review: Haines Signature 788SF
Centre Console

January 23th 2019

This design is currently all the rage for boaties who enjoy recreational fishing and diving from their vessel.

If you have been following the recreational boating, diving and fishing scene, you may already be aware of the rapidly growing fondness for the centre console boat design. This design is currently all the rage for boaties who enjoy recreational fishing and diving from their vessel – and for a good reason.

It is well established that centre console vessels have spacious, walk-around decks, excellent handling during unfavourable ocean conditions and often come with a wide assortment of practical features to suit an ocean explorer.

In recent months we have seen a substantial spike in the release of these models, such as the newly released Haines Signature 788SF.

haines signature centre console boat windshield

Thanks to this vessel’s superior build quality and innovative design features, it has become cemented as a leading competitor against a variety of boats with similar features already available on the market.

Our team has been working with the expert designers and builders at Haines Signature for over 40 years and we believe that, while there are many other popular centre console vessels available, the 788SF has some key design features that you should seriously consider if you are looking to purchase a new recreational boat in 2019.

Haines Signature 788SF

haines centre console boat windshield
haines centre console boat windshield

Seating capacity: 10 people | Fuel capacity: 500L | Length: 7.88m

Dubbed the ‘flagship’ of the Haines Signature range, the 788SF centre console boat is a big league player for diving and game fishing enthusiasts. With long-range capabilities, a full head with shower, toilet, vanity and onboard fresh water, this vessel is great for the whole family.

Additional amenities are available for this vessel so you can tailor it to your recreational needs.

The main point of difference here is that the 788SF makes use of a highly-durable, semi-frameless, cross curve hardtop windscreen finished with black ANOTEX that allows for fantastic all-around visibility without compromising valuable vessel space.

This style of windscreen will ensure that even during poor weather and sea conditions, your visibility, and therefore safety, is never jeopardized.

When comparing centre console boats, it is very important to carefully consider the style and features of the windscreen as the windscreen is responsible for protecting both you and the console itself from the natural marine environment.

If you have any questions regarding our custom windscreen manufacturing services please contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

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Boat Window Replacement: 3 Things You Need to Consider

January 14th 2019

By choosing a high-quality and durable marine window, you will avoid having to replace your window again sooner than you would like.

Boat maintenance is a full-time job with some element of your boat almost always needing attention. Many boat owners enjoy the maintenance aspect of owning a boat and doing what is necessary to keep it in the best shape possible.

However, no matter how many dings you repair, leaks you plug or seals you mend, sometimes a repair is no longer an option. Rather than continually throwing good money away making the exact same repair, again and again, it might be time to replace the troublesome part altogether.

When it comes to boat windows and windscreens, this is especially true as you need to ensure that they are kept in great condition.

custom boat windows

Not only do they provide you with protection from the elements but marine windows also serve the function of stopping water getting into your boat. In the case of boat windscreens, it’s not only unpleasant to be looking out through a cracked, scratched or broken windscreen but having your view impeded can potentially be dangerous as you navigate through the water. When the time does come to replace your windows, it’s important that you make the right call and get the correct materials for your needs.

Let’s take a look at three key things you need to consider when the time comes to replace your windows.

1. Think About Durability

Replacing your boat windscreen or marine windows is not a job to be taken lightly and is certainly not something you want to be doing regularly. The best way to ensure replacement doesn’t become a regular task is to purchase boat windows that are durable and will stand the test of time.

Take some time to weigh up your options and speak with friends about what materials or brands they have used successfully in the past. Additionally, look for boat windows that come with a warranty so you know that you are covered if something unexpected happens.

2. Level of Clarity

Boat windows by their very nature are exposed to elements that regular household windows are not. High-quality boat windows will be pressed, polished, clear and will have a special coating designed to keep them clear over time. This coating is designed to keep them protected from small scratches and damage from the elements. Having a clear boat windscreen will not only allow you to be safer on the water but it will allow you to truly enjoy the views from your boat.

3. Look for UV Protection

In Australia’s harsh climate, UV protection is important. When your out on the water sunscreen will wash off over time and it can be easy to forget to reapply. Harsh sunlight can also cause the interior of your boat to become faded and dated looking, leaving you with one more thing to repair. When made with UV resistant materials, boat windows can act as a great barrier to the sun’s rays and provide both you and your boat with an extra level of protection.

Make the Right Call When Replacing Your Boat Windows

Taking the time to carefully consider the right boat windows for your vessel will save you time, money and future hassle. By choosing a high-quality and durable marine window, you will avoid having to replace your window again sooner than you would like. Remember to look for windows that are treated to keep them clear and that offer UV protection to keep you and your boat safe from the elements.

Once you have your new boat windows installed be sure to keep them maintained and they’ll serve you well for many years to come.

Need to Replace your Boat Windows?

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Why It’s Important to Maintain the Sealant Around Your Boat Windows

27th December 2018

As the old adage goes ‘prevention is better than a cure’ and when it comes to maintaining your boat windows, this has never been truer

Boat maintenance goes much further than just keeping the deck clean, your ropes tidy and sails properly bagged.

There are many intricate elements of your boat that are susceptible to damage and as a boat owner, you need to ensure you stay on top of them. Boats are exposed to a range of conditions as they endure everything nature can throw at them. Keeping water out of your boat is perhaps one of the most essential things to protect your vessel and keep it afloat.

Most of the water that makes its way inside your boat doesn’t come in through some gaping hole in the hull, but through gaps in your boat windows.

Deck of a boat, ocean reflected in the boat window

Once the seals break or become damaged, they can wear away quickly and things can go from bad to worse fast. Ensuring your boat windows are properly sealed is crucial to not just keeping your boat above water but keeping everything and everyone on board protected and safe.

Continue reading to learn just a few reasons why it’s vitally important that you maintain the sealant around your boat windows.

Lengthening the Lifespan of Your Boat Windows

Over time the sealant around your windows will deteriorate and will need to be replaced if not, it could erode away completely. When these seals are damaged water can easily seep inside, until it meets with the laminated glass in your windows.

Once contact with the laminated layer has occurred, damage can develop in the inner layer which causes a change in appearance resulting in your boat windows needing to be replaced. However, if you keep your sealant maintained, you can avoid this and keep your boat windows for much longer, ultimately saving you money.

Protecting Your Boat’s Interior

Depending on exactly where your marine windows are positioned a leak could end up letting in a little water or quite a lot. Either way, the damage over time to the interior of your boat can become expensive to repair or become completely irreparable. Water damage can lead to timbers becoming warped, fabrics needing to be replaced and electronics being damaged. Rather than face a complete overhaul of your boat’s interior, take steps to maintain the sealant around your boat windows once every year.

Increase the Resale Value

Selling a boat that is leaking to any degree is very difficult. Having unwanted water coming into your vessel immediately decreases the value of your boat and throws up warning flags for any potential buyer. If you see any amount of water coming in around your windows, take the time to investigate thoroughly and seal up the problem as quickly as possible before it gets worse. Should you ever be looking to sell your boat in the future, you’ll be able to negotiate a much better price knowing your boat is watertight.

Maintain Now and Prevent Problems Later

As the old adage goes ‘prevention is better than a cure’ and when it comes to maintaining your boat windows, this has never been truer. Be sure to keep an eye out for any amount of water coming through the sealant around your boat’s windows and if you spot any issues, take action fast. Boat window leaks can worsen quickly but with the right care, you can make sure that your boat is protected and ready for anything.

Need to Replace your Boat Windows?

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How To Maintain And Care For Your Caravan Windows

14th December 2018

“Remember, prevention is better than cure so do what you can to protect your caravan when you’re not using it and it will serve you well for many years to come.”

Owning a caravan can be hard work at times, with so much to look after, repairs to make and general upkeep to stay on top of.

Keeping your caravan in great condition will not only improve your own personal experience when you go on holidays but will improve its resale value should you ever decide to sell. There’s nothing worse than looking through scratched windows while trying to enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise, so it’s important that you keep your windows in tip-top shape.

Getting out in the great outdoors is exciting as there is so much potential for adventure. However, at times, conditions can be far from ideal and you will need to be prepared to handle any damage or wear and tear from more hazardous days on the road.

Caravan windows close up overlooking ocean

Caravan windows in particular have a lot to stand up to, they can get chipped from stones on the road, mould can develop if you don’t clean them regularly or kids in the caravan park could accidentally send the footie or cricket ball flying in your direction, causing the glass to break.

With regular maintenance, care and by following best practices from caravan window manufacturers in Australia, your windows will stand the test of time.

Let’s take a look at a few simple ways you can clean and maintain your caravan windows to ensure you can enjoy unobstructed views on your next holiday.

Best Fabrics for Cleaning Your Caravan Windows

Choosing the right fabrics to clean your windows is one of the most important things when cleaning your caravan. Most caravan window manufacturers in Australia use polycarbonate or acrylic plastic. These are lightweight materials, give great visibility and provide good UV protection, however, like all windows, they can be susceptible to superficial scratches.

Whatever you do, be sure to avoid using abrasive fabrics. These can lead to small scratches which, in time, will add up and greatly impact the quality of your windows. Instead, invest in some fine fabrics like microfibre cloth wipes or mitts. With their softer texture, not only will they do a better job of cleaning your windows but they won’t cause any scratching in the process.

Caravan window manufacturers in Australia will recommend that you use only mild detergent and water to clean your windows and, before deep cleaning, you make sure that you remove any small particles like sand, dust or small rocks. Failing to do so will result in you rubbing these small particles against your windows during cleaning and you will end up doing more harm than good.

How to Get Rid of Existing Scratches

If your windows are scratched, don’t worry, there are solutions. Acrylic and polycarbonate fabrics are pretty soft, so you can remove superficial scratches using a mildly abrasive polish.

It’s best to choose a mild polish and follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. You can also use an electric polisher to bring your windows back to being crystal clear again. Although you might think it will save you time, avoid using an electric drill as they are too fast, generate too much heat and will result in you having to replace your windows.

Protect Your Caravan With a Caravan Cover

If where you keep your caravan in the offseason is under a tree, an edge or a telephone pole, there’s a good chance that you will end up with a persistent bird-dropping issue. Although these stains can be tough to remove, avoid the temptation to use a scraper and instead use warm water and patience. To avoid this or any other damage to your caravan when you’re not using it in the future, be sure to use a caravan cover to protect it.

With a cover in place, your caravan will be protected from overexposure to the sun, general wear and tear and it will act as an extra level of protection from scratches or other damage. Remember, prevention is better than cure so do what you can to protect your caravan when you’re not using it and it will serve you well for many years to come.

Need to Replace your Caravan Windows?

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Marine Window Materials: What Are Your Options?

28th November 2018

“You need to choose a material that will be functional, look great and work with the overall design and aesthetic of your vessel.”

Whether you’re in the middle of a restoration project, making improvements to your boat or it’s simply time to upgrade your boat windows, choosing the right materials is critical.

You need to choose a material that will be functional, look great and work with the overall design and aesthetic of your vessel. The materials that go into crafting marine windows are different from those used in land-based applications, this is because they are specifically designed to suit the marine environment, thus it’s important to be aware of all of the options available to you.

Marine window suppliers often provide a range of options made from a variety of composite materials, each with different features, applications and advantages.

marine windows and windscreen

Flexibility, clarity and resistance to scratching are just some of the features that you’ll find in materials such as polycarbonate or acrylic based fabrics. However, it’s important that you determine your exact needs before choosing a material for your boat windows so that you make the best decision possible.

Continue reading to find out more about some of the more popular materials used in marine windows manufacturing.


Research the Materials

The types of material used in making marine windows have a huge impact on the lifespan of the product. Different materials are more resistant to weathering and the general wear and tear from the marine environment.  

Glass is the most popular material used in boat windows. If you’re looking to add or replace flat or curved windows, glass can be a great choice. It’s versatile in the sense that it can be used on windscreens, windows and portholes alike. Glass is highly scratch and impact resistant, ensuring it will meet any survey requirement.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something heavy-duty but with less weight, one of the best materials for harsh environments and heavy use is polycarbonate. It’s crystal-clear and comes with a range of different coating options that reduce the effects of harmful UV rays and fine scratches, making it one of the more popular window materials.

Acrylic is another great option that is similar to polycarbonate. However, it is less resistant to scratches, meaning that it will have a shorter lifespan.

Price vs Performance

Before committing to a particular material be sure that you understand that, at every price point, you’ll be faced with a trade-off. More expensive windows will be made using tougher materials, meaning that they’ll be thicker, less flexible and more durable. Investing in thicker, more durable materials will ensure that you won’t have to perform a lot of maintenance to keep them in good condition and you won’t have to replace them as often.

Alternatively, thinner materials like clear pressed acrylic will make for a great boat windscreen as it’s both light and flexible, allowing you to easily clean the product while reducing excessive weight for best performance.

Choose the Right Marine Windows

Choosing the right materials for your marine windows needs some careful consideration. Avoid rushing your decision and be sure to take the time to understand all of your options before moving forward. Think about your needs, what area of your boat the windows will be situated and how much maintenance and upkeep you are willing to perform. Take the time to make the right call and you’ll find a material that will be both functional and add to the overall aesthetic of your boat.

Need to Replace your Marine Windows?

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Boat Window Replacement: Everything You Need To Know

24th October 2018

“Owning a boat is a big commitment, it takes a lot of work to maintain a vessel of any size and there are many elements that need regular attention.”

Whether you’re just performing routine maintenance or you’re getting ready for the sailing season, maintaining or replacing your boat windows is a crucial step in ensuring a safe and enjoyable time on the water. If your boat windows are damaged, scratched or otherwise not clear, they can impede your view which could cause an accident.

There are many many different reasons you may choose to invest in better boat windows, window frames or windscreens, from comfort to functionality.

boat window replacement

Apart from safety reasons, modern boat windows and windscreens can be more durable, reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that seep into the cockpit or living areas and provide more protection in the marine environment.

Continue reading to find more about what you need to know when it comes to boat window replacement.

DIY Installations

Owning a boat is a big commitment, it takes a lot of work to maintain a vessel of any size and there are many elements that need regular attention. Many boat owners end up becoming DIY experts, turning their attention to all sorts of tasks that they may never have attempted before. However, boat window replacement is not something to be taken lightly and can be a big job, even for those with experience. This is one job that you want to ensure is done right as you don’t want to end up windows that don’t fit properly and allow water to seep into your boat, potentially causing structural and interior damage.

First of all, to order a new window or set of windows, you’re going to need precise measurements. This can be a difficult task, since providing builders / glazier with 100% accurate measurements can be challenging. For accurate numbers be sure to remove the existing windows and clear all gaps before measuring. If you or the boat builder still has access to the original plans, this is the best option, as you’ll have precise measurements. If you’re planning on having custom windows made, it’s very important to provide this data to get an accurate estimate of the cost of the project.

Boat Window / Windscreen Options

When you’re shopping for new marine windows or boat windscreens, you should be looking for a mix of safety and comfort. This means that you’re going to want to look for a mix of fixed, hinged and sliding windows to install throughout your boat.

You also have to take into account the thickness of the material. While there’s no clear standard for personal yachts and boats when it comes to window thickness, it’s better to determine what thickness you feel safe with as well as what kind of tint you may want.

Finally, pick a frame that suits the overall look, feel and aesthetic of your boat. You will want to choose a design that flows well with the curves and lines of your vessel and complements what is already in place. Your boat windows can be as much or as little of a feature as you choose and your frames will go a long way to achieving the look you want.

Technical Information

Alfab’s team of skilled workmen and fabricators use only the best quality materials and treatments for our products to ensure the end result meets our strict standards.
Some of the treatments and materials used during manufacturing of glass, aluminium and more include:

  • Prep M by Bostik: used for the pre-treatment of materials such as coated glass, aluminium surfaces and powder-coated metals.
  • Simson ISR 70-08 Urethane by Bostik: For adhesive use during processes such as direct glazing window and window frame installations. This product is known for its durability, UV and weather resistance, fast-curing and odourless properties.
  • Primer M. Edge, Primer M clear and Simson Primer G Extra (U.V. Blackout primer) by Bostik: Primers used throughout the direct glazing window installation process.

Be Prepared For Your Next Boating Adventure

Whether you’re going for custom or standard windows, remember to take accurate measurements or provide them to your supplier so that you can start your replacement project on the right foot. Take some time to consider the design of your boat and how your choice of hinged, sliding and fix windows will complement the style, airflow and comfort onboard. With the right boat windows installed you will be ready for your next adventure, safe in the knowledge that you will have clear views of everything between you and the horizon.

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