Introducing Our Newest Innovation:
Flush Glazed

February 2020

Sleek, streamlined and the first of its kind, the team here at ALFAB is thrilled to share our newest innovation in marine windows and doors with you—Flush Glazed. We are excited to add this newly developed glazing system to our range which is suitable for new builds as well as retro-fitting or replacing old windows and doors.

Flush Glazed provides the most modern and sophisticated door and window finishes and we want to share this advancement with you. We’ve put together a simple summary below to help you understand what exactly Flush Glazed is and why you should consider it for your boat.



What is Flush Glazed?

Flush Glazed is a new-to-market marine glazing innovation. Unlike traditional forms of marine glazing where multiple panels of glass are separated or joined together using frames, Flush Glazed windows and doors removes this requirement without any detriment to the quality or versatility. Therefore, by reducing the amount of frame exposure, we are able to provide a more seamless, clean and crisp look.

The luxurious finish provided by Flush Glazed won’t leave you compromising functionality. In fact, Flush Glazed installations even reduce cleaning time and make it a much easier process due to the reduced frames and joints to worry about like there is with standard types of marine glazing.

“The Flush Glazed product range gives clients options to a conventional commercial cavity glazing system with a seamless smooth appearance for their vessels.  The design idea for the Flush Glazed product suite stemmed from a bespoke concept with an aim to complement clients products with a ‘next level’ enhanced look and feel not seen in the marine market before.”   Said Reece Maddison, ALFAB’s Managing Director. The product can be tailored for production builders, custom builders and refit projects alike.

Maritimo before and after Flush Glazed


Why should I opt for Flush Glazed?

Flush Glazed full door


Here at ALFAB, we strongly believe in creating a luxurious experience onboard every marine vessel, without compromise. This is ultimately achieved by choosing unique and high-quality materials teamed by decades of experience. Flush Glazed exudes both quality and luxury—it’s a simple way to further enhance the aesthetic of your boat and make a bold statement.

Your vessel doesn’t have to look like every other one on the water. You can ensure it stands out by opting for unique and state-of-the-art solutions. Stylish and sleek, Flush Glazed is a minor adjustment that will make a major difference when it comes to the overall appeal of your boat.

Would you like to learn more about Flush Glazed? Get in contact with our Queensland or Victorian team today for all Flush Glazed enquiries or to learn more about our extensive range of marine glazing solutions.


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Make the most of the clear skies with a Webasto BlueSky roof

5th February 2020

Create the best possible atmosphere on board your boat with a sky roof installation. Here at ALFAB, we regularly assist our clients with deciding on the best option to improve their vessel based on their needs and budget.

One of our top picks is Webasto’s BlueSky products for premium sky roof options.

The ALFAB team is a proud agent for Webasto and we are pleased to supply and service the new BlueSky range.

There’s now a variety of new sky roof options available including:

  • Manual operation: the popular electronic BlueSky roof is now available in a manual alternative. This style provides many of the same features of the electronic version but comes with a much more budget-friendly price tag.
  • Glass panel: similar to the acrylic version, the new glass panel option is also electronically operated and is available with a 6mm tinted glass panel. This is one of the more high-end options as it offers a flush integration as part of the design.
  • Cut-out size: just like the existing 770 x 720 version, the BlueSky roof is now available in a smaller size of 500 x 500.
  • Black finish: create a luxe look by considering a black finish sky roof. This option is great when you’re wanting a modern finish and it also blends seamlessly with black frames and pillars.


BlueSky range from Webasto


Here at ALFAB, we are careful to align our business with others who share our commitment to the quality of products—this is why we are such big fans of the Webasto range. We are very excited about the new BlueSky roof products, some of our favourite features include:

  • Design: both the acrylic and glass panel options provide a clean and sleek frameless appearance. The acrylic panel has a D-Shape design, double layer strength and is extremely lightweight. The glass panel option is great for flush fit integration and creates a high-end appeal.
  • Operation: the electronic roofs are very easy to use and provide you with a tilt or slide option at the press of a button. The manual alternatives are easily moved with a crossbar. The panel can be blocked in any position.
  • Technical: the BlueSky range provides a completely watertight system thanks to its state-of-the-art sealing system around the frames.


BlueSky range from Webasto


Are you considering a sky roof for your boat? We can assist with everything you need to know about the BlueSky range from Webasto.


Learn more about the Webasto BlueSky Roof range.


For more information on our sky roof installation services or servicing existing Webasto products, be sure to get in contact with the specialists at ALFAB.

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