Marine Doors & Glass for Brisbane’s New CityCat Ferries

6th May 2021

“As another new CityCat enters Brisbane’s waterways the team at ALFAB marine glazing is excited to be involved with Brisbane’s new ferry project. Brisbane’s next-generation ferry fleet feature ultramodern automatic doors and marine glass windows.


This new fleet will be replacing the existing CityCats as they phase in the new specification transport vessels.

Consisting of eight state-of-the-art, 27.2-meter double-decker catamarans that can carry up to 170 passengers, these vessels also have more space for wheelchairs and bicycles than previous CityCat generations. Currently, three ferries names ‘Yoogera’, ‘Neville Bonner’ and ‘Mianjin II’ have been completed and are now operating, while the remaining vessels are expected to be completed over the next four years.

new citycat ferry Brisbane

“We are honoured to have been elected directly by the shipbuilder Aus Ships, to assist in the completion of the new CityCats and look forward to working with them and their talented team” says ALFAB’s Reece Maddison.

The project requires the production and installation of the highest quality windows and automated doors which will see many years of use in a high traffic and challenging environment.

While not for the fainthearted, the experienced team at ALFAB are widely known for providing glazing solutions across a variety of commercial marine vessels.

CityCat Yoogera Brisbane ferry fleet

CityCat Brisbane ferries

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