How Can I Keep My Boat Cool & Improve Airflow?

How can I keep my boat cool
& improve airflow?

January 2020

With the warmer months well and truly upon us, you might have noticed how hot it can get inside your boat. If you want to create some extra airflow, there are many different ways to achieve increased ventilation and decrease the temperature inside your boat.

Here are some popular options:  

  • Addition of opening windows
  • Installation of hatches
  • Window Tinting


Magnus hatch

Changing existing glass to opening windows or adding new windows can be a simple and cost-effective way to improve airflow and keep the temperature down inside the vessel. Some popular window styles include sliding, fixed and hopper windows. Reece Maddison from ALFAB shared his thoughts with us:

“When clients come to us wanting to cool down their boat we’ll often recommend that they opt for forward-facing hopper windows or hatches. A vessel will usually bow to the wind, even when at anchor, so a forward-facing window option will catch the breeze and ensure you achieve a consistent airflow.”

Craig, a Gold Coast boating enthusiast recently came to ALFAB wanting help with cooling down his 40′ Tasman Elite sailing catamaran. New glass was cut for the forward-facing windows allowing for Magnus Hatches to be installed within the glass and the existing tint on the remaining glass was replaced to reduce the heat and improve visibility.

While ALFAB can supply and install retrofitted glass and hatches, Craig decided to do the job himself and with a bit of advice from the team at ALFAB, the 2 new windows and Magnus Hatches were installed in an afternoon. Craig was blown away by the huge difference it made:

“Our saloon is large and the windows slope backward making it very hot inside. It’s gone from unbearable on a hot day to breezy and cool. I was surprised how much effect the hatches had on the air flow, the saloon is now cleared of any hot air very quickly. The result is simple, safe and easily secured”

Craig opted for a modern window tint which allows the majority of light to pass through (providing good visibility) whilst still blocking the majority of the heat and harmful rays. This is important as the glass over the saloon of his catamaran is sloped and creates a greenhouse effect if the heat gets through.

A high-quality tint or film will help keep the inside of your vessel cool even in hot climates. Window tinting is available in a range of colours and specifications and can also improve the look of your boat, help to reduce glare, block harmful UV rays and work to reduce premature fading of your vessel’s interior. 

There is a wide range of cost-effective solutions out there to keep your boat cool so you can sit back and enjoy the moment. 

Windows, hatches and window tints are the top options for decreasing temperature and improving airflow onboard. Here at ALFAB, we provide a range of solutions for boats of all shapes and sizes. For more information, be sure to get in contact with our Queensland or Victorian team today for more advice.




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