Imagine this – You’re a proud owner of a new boat, preparing for its new model launch the following day, and then disaster strikes… An unfortunate encounter with port equipment leaves a mangled windscreen, an unsightly dent on your vessel’s stainless steel body, and evidence of red and yellow paint. It’s a nightmare, especially on the eve of an important event.

One of our valued clients was recently left in this desperate predicament. With an important new model launch the next day, he needed urgent assistance, so he reached out to ALFAB for a swift and effective solution.

At ALFAB we understand the importance of having your boat in great condition, and the significance of such launches and the requirement of presenting the boat in its pristine condition is no different. We responded swiftly to the call for help. Our solution? An expert repair job using acrylic, while we awaited the original parts from the US.

Our team of skilled workers took the damaged boat under their wings. Our team, comprised of glass and acrylic experts, along with metal trades, made the task of repairing the damage, our focus on replicating the damaged glass parts into acrylic pieces. Furthermore, they worked on the deformed stainless steel, bringing it back to a shape that closely resembled the head bar – a distinguishing feature of the boat’s screen.

Despite the short notice, our team worked tirelessly to ensure the boat was ready to be showcased. The boat was dropped off at our facility in the afternoon and was ready for collection by midday the following day – a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction.


Unfortunately, as is often the case with these kinds of incidents, not everything went as smoothly as we’d have liked. The replacement windscreen part from the US arrived, but it too was found to be smashed upon unboxing. While this was an unexpected setback, it didn’t deter us. Another port side screen has been promptly ordered.

The event encapsulates the dedication and agility of our ALFAB team. We ensured our client was able to showcase his boat at the launch event as planned.

At ALFAB, we’re not just committed to providing high-quality marine accessories and boat windscreen repairs; we’re devoted to ensuring your boating experiences are smooth and uninterrupted.