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Get The Look For Your Boat With a New Windscreen

30th October 2019

As the old saying goes at Nautique Central: “there is never too much of a great thing.” Here at ALFAB, we agree. This is why we offer a complete range of new windscreen and window refit services for boats of all shapes and sizes. We provide detailed refurbishments and installation solutions for our fellow boating enthusiasts—helping you get out on the water more often to do what you love.

At ALFAB, we’re the experts when it comes to auto-marine glasswork. Our skilled team has assisted countless boating enthusiasts refresh their vessels through windscreen refits, new doors, windows and even smaller adjustments like updating trims and seals.


Nautique Air Windscreen Refit

Recently, we assisted a client throughout the refurbishing process of his newly purchased Air Nautique vessel. One of the alterations to his Nautique was a complete windscreen refit. This newly installed boat windscreen was a somewhat minor alteration in the grand scheme of things, but it made a huge difference to the overall look and functionality of the vessel.

Here at ALFAB, we’re the experts when it comes to all your marine glass needs including window and windscreen refits for boats of all sizes and models. If you’re unsure of the direction you would like to take for your particular boat—our windscreen experts are onsite to provide you with reliable advice on all your boat refurbishment needs. Just like this recent Nautique windscreen replacement, we also cater our refurbishment services to boats small and large including Bayliner, Quintrex, Hains Hunter and Sea Ray vessels.

Get The Look For Your Boat

You too can have your boat looking as fresh as this Nautique Air by opting for a new windscreen for your beloved vessel. At ALFAB, we specialise in a complete range of marine glazing solutions including the installation of run-around windscreens, hard-top windscreens and direct glazed windscreens. 

Considering a new windscreen for your boat? For further information on any of our boating refurbishment services or glazing solutions—get in contact with our Brisbane or Melbourne team today.


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