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Switchable Marine Glass:What is it And How Can I Get It?

February 18th 2019

“Magic Made Real: This switching technology can also be applied to existing glass using a film that incorporates the same liquid crystals.” 

From boardrooms to bathrooms, switchable glass, or ‘privacy glass’, is a modern alternative to blinds or curtains that can be used in a variety of applications. At Alfab, we’ve seen switchable glass utilised for boat windows as well as in bathrooms, entertaining areas and on partitions.

Switchable glass technology works by producing a laminated glass, which includes a layer of a material called Liquid Crystal Privacy Film that responds to electrical currents. Switchable glass technology can also be applied to existing glass using a film that incorporates the same liquid crystals.

Half Frosted over switchable glass on marine window

When power is sent to the glass through a hardwired switch, the crystals come into alignment and offer clear glass and unrestricted views. When the power is turned off, the glass returns to an opaque form, allowing for privacy.

Office wall made of frosted switchable glass
Office wall made of frosted switchable glass


Applying this film to existing glass can be seen as a cheaper alternative to installing new glass panels, however, it is important to have a professional complete the installation. Creases or bends in the film could damage the crystals, and result in patches where the glass remains clear even after the switch.

Watching this type of glass change is instantaneous and impressive. Switchable glass provides a clean, modern look to any window, onboard bathroom or glass wall that cannot be achieved otherwise. Additionally, you will gain back a tiny bit of space that is now not being taken up by blinds, curtains or an alternate window covering.

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