Utilising the latest and most accurate fabrication technology is something the team at Alfab strives to achieve during every project we undertake. As such, our team of designers and engineers have mastered the use of various 3D digital measuring tools as well as 3D printing using carbon fibre. 

Our computer-led 3D scanners allow us to precisely measure and create a digital model of the object or space of a vessel or vehicle as well as individual elements like windows, windscreens and doors. With a detailed 3D model of a vessel, we can design custom windows, doors, hatches, windscreens, portlights and more that will fit perfectly within the existing space. This has become especially useful when retrofitting older vessels with replacements, or newer, more practical products. More often our goal for retrofitting projects is to design and install products that appear to be the same as the original (or better depending on the desired outcome) while also being stronger, lighter and serve its purpose even better than the original. We can provide everything from sliding windows and doors to safety railings and curved windscreens that are compact, easy to operate and complement the existing style of the boat.

With the use of our 3D printer, even more components are designed in house to suit their specific purpose instead of utilising more commonly available items and adjusting them to suit. Carbon Fibre is extremely strong, versitile and light, but for many years the cost has made it inhibitive to use for limited production runs. However, with our equipment and the ability to produce custom items with incredible accuracy at our factory, we can now ensure accurate and long lasting solutions for almost any challenge, quickly and efficiently. This high-tech industrial printer can even utalise the data from our 3D scans and print perfectly accurate reproductions, even better than new.

We are proud to be using the latest technologies available to move our industry into the future and provide better service and solutions than ever before. If you have an idea in mind, don’t be afraid to discuss it with one of our experts.

Regardless of what your boating fabrication needs, Alfab’s team is ready to create the perfect tailor-made solution for you. Call us today to see how we can help.