Retrofitting Custom Marine Windows on a Catamaran

After purchasing a previously-owned sailing Catamaran, Denham Hitchcock, a correspondent for the Channel Seven Network, discovered while living aboard the vessel that her current windows were not as functional as they could be and also were not marine-safe.

The original boat builder had simply left panes of perspex with basic lock-in handles, unable to be opened. Therefore they would need to be removed and stored away before pulling anchor in order to ventilate the cabin. Prior to removal, it was difficult to see the chart plotter or even see through the front windscreen. As any boaty knows, ease of use and visibility are the most significant advantages when operating a marine vessel safely.

The Perfect Solution

The team at ALFAB were keen to work with Mr. Hitchcock in designing new custom marine windows that would remedy all of the issues he was facing. Hitchcock knew just how he wanted his new marine windows to function and was able to provide both a rough template and measurements to our experienced designers. He required sleek lockable sliding windows that would fit in the vessel’s existing window frames while taking up minimal onboard space.

Once manufactured, the window installation process was a breeze thanks to the cutout nozzle provided by ALFAB that allowed them to pop into place as though they were always meant to be there.

Mr. Hitchcock reported that aside from the safety concerns that the custom retrofitting solved, he can also allow for better temperature regulation now that the windows can be opened, ventilate cooking fumes without having to wait for them to make their way to the hatch and feel confident that his vessel’s overall aesthetic has improved.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alfab in Brisbane to anyone looking to improve their boat with some professional looking windows for a fair price. Bloody terrific!” Denham reiterated.

Custom Sliding Marine Window

Custom Sliding Marine Window

Marine Sliding Window Open

Sliding Window – Open, Inside View

Marine Sliding Window

Marine Sliding Window – Open, Outside View

Marine Sliding Window


We Value Our Customer’s Needs

ALFAB’s bespoke boat windows and windscreens can be manufactured in any size or shape and are always made with the highest quality marine-tested materials. We know which materials are best suited for marine use and have developed in-house fabrication techniques to ensure the finished product will withstand the harsh conditions out on the water. We value the time it takes to fully understand what our clients are trying to achieve while also ensuring that the product is both marine-safe and functional.

ALFAB is well versed in creating solutions to suit the customers and making sure they will do the job with safety, functionality and aesthetics in mind. If you are looking to upgrade your boat by retrofitting new doors, windows or hatches/portholes, give us a shout and we will be able to deliver exactly what you need.

From marine windows, doors and windscreens to hatches, portholes and other custom fittings, Alfab Australia has your boat covered. Contact us today for a free quote.