Here at Alfab, we believe research and innovation are the keys to quality.

For example, one of our latest products is the flush mount window-in-window (or Flush Mounted Porthole) with a panographic opening function. These custom windows/portlights slide to the side then outward in order to maximise internal vessel space while retaining a water-tight seal when closed. Projects and developments like these are why our specialists are excited to work with us.


Modern Flush Mounted Porthole

Flush-Mounted Panorama Porthole


Carbon Fibre 3D Printer Designed by Alfab

Carbon Fibre Composite 3D Printer



We believe knowledge provides a platform for innovation and as such continue to source the latest technologies and even custom-engineer a variety of modern tools and equipment to ensure efficiency and accuracy for our product development. Our cutting-edge Carbon Fibre Composite 3D Printer, CNC Router and other precision systems and computer-aided technologies ensure we have everything we need to bring the exciting ideas and developments to the market and our customers.

Each of these technologies was chosen or created because they allow us to find the solutions that others can’t. We believe in solution-focused services, setting us apart in the marine and glass fabrication industry.

The solutions we develop are resilient and elegant, built to withstand even the most extreme conditions. With our team of world-class marine manufacturers here to tackle any problem, we really do approach the industry differently.

Our choices to educate and consistently upskill our staff and invest in new technologies has helped us build a robust international reputation. We have valued relationships with some of the largest boat manufacturing companies across the world and we believe that is a credit to our passion for problem-solving.

We will always strive to stay at the cutting-edge of marine fabrication innovation and continue training our staff and providing opportunities to use the latest technological advances and techniques to achieve our goals.

We hope that if you have a project in mind, you’ll reach out to ALFAB! Our team of specialists is here to find a solution for you. Contact us today.



Alfab Marine Fabrication Team

Alfab Marine Fabrication Team


Alfab-Designed CAD Precision Tracing Machine(Alfab-Designed CAD Precision Tracing Machine)


3D printed Maritimo Boat Model(3D printed Maritimo Boat Model)


Custom Boat Windscreen Installation(Custom Boat Windscreen Installation)