3D Scan

While marine vessels are built to withstand the harsh conditions of operating in the elements, windows, windscreens and doors need to be replaced when faced with extraordinary events. Alfab’s expert design and fabrication team understands that replacing these crucial vessel components needs to be done with the utmost precision to ensure both a proper protective barrier from the elements, and an aesthetically pleasing result.

Alfab offer a number of other relevant products and services as well, including 3D measuring and scanning, design consultation, 3D computer-aided design (CAD), glass testing and certification. Alfab is dedicated to providing our clients with the most precise marine windows possible. To accomplish this we utilise computer-led 3D scanning technology that captures a detailed 3D model of any vessel space and precise digital measurements of any window, windscreen, portlight or door. If the existing glass is no longer present, we can even measure the space where the piece needs to fit with incredible accuracy.

The information is then converted to CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software, and our team will use this data to design windows that will fit perfectly within the existing space – no matter what size or shape is needed. For example, mitred corners, radius corners and progressive curves and shear curves are no longer guess work and do not need templates created, speeding up the whole process and ensuring the most accurate outcome.. Our team is highly-experienced with a variety of marine-safe materials such as toughened safety glass, polycarbonate and acrylic. 

Alfab offer an end to end solution for all marine glazing requirements. From small fishing vessels to large pleasure crafts and commercial ships, Alfab can custom-design and install any marine windscreen, window, portlight or door and ensure that it will stand the test of time. Alfab have a name synonymous with quality and reliability within the industry, our clients trust us to deliver top-quality products and services on time, every time.