Heated Glass for Arctic Marine Vessels

7th December 2020

“We are always excited to have clients with needs that require the very latest in marine glass technology.”

Our team was recently tasked with manufacturing “heated” marine glass that would provide two barge-style vessels safer passage through their voyage’s in Antarctica.

The talented team at Taylor Bro’s, located in Hobart, have built these working vessels to transport both cargo and vehicles to the frozen continent.

Keeping vision clear on such large vessels is imperative for safe navigation through incredibly cold climates. This specially engineered window solution consists of heavy weight metal glazing and a laminated glass unit to withstand the extreme cold conditions the vessels are destined for.

custom heated marine windows

These heated glass windows have frames and glazing systems that meet strict auto/marine safety standards as well as a metal-encapsulated lens and an optically clear heating membrane between the glasses. This high-tech heater mitigates the risk of condensation and ice buildup, designed to be active during the entirety of the journey. 

A big thank you to the Taylor Bro’s team for a great collaboration once again.



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