Funky Fiji Ferry

Sea Fiji

Funky Fiji Ferry

2nd November 2020

“One of the recent eye-catching projects the team at ALFAB have had the pleasure to work on is a bright orange catamaran located in sunny Fiji dubbed ‘SeaFiji’.”

Aside from it’s brilliant hue, this small passenger catamaran has a rather unique forward facing 1/3 opening and a 2/3 fixed hopper window.

SeaFiji’s boat windshield and hopper window glass were custom-made here in Australia and shipped to Fiji for the final installation, making it imperative that all work done was absolutely perfect in accordance with the CAD drawings of the vessel. We were pleased that the glass fit perfectly on arrival and our client’s experience was a positive one.

The precision work needed for this kind of international project is a testament to the craftsmanship, experience and skill quality of our team and company control efforts.




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