Toughen Up With Toughened Glass: Why It’s Best For Your Boat


Toughened Glass:
Why It’s Best For Your Boat

8th October 2019

“Four to five times stronger than standard annealed glass, toughened glass (also sometimes known as tempered glass) is regularly used for windows, doors and any kind of glasswork that’s at a higher risk of being broken.”

Toughened glass is the ideal option when it comes to the glass required for boats, yachts or other marine vessels. At ALFAB, our glaziers create a range of toughened glass products including curved toughened glass, flat toughened glass and safety glass.


How is toughened glass made?

Toughened glass is created with a very specific thermal treatment process whereby regular annealed glass is heated to around 650 to 700 degrees celsius. Once heated, the glass is then rapidly cooled back down. This thermal process is what makes the glass so strong and durable.

Here at ALFAB, we can also customise our glasswork with ceramic coating technologies, enabling us to print decorative designs directly onto the glass. We can even have company logos or any other specific design printed directly onto the glass.

Toughened glass is extremely strong and specifically created to withstand even the harshest conditions. The extreme strength and durability of toughened glass makes it the perfect choice for boat and houseboat windows and windscreens.

Toughened glass is also a top choice when it comes to safety. If toughened glass breaks, it will shatter or crumble into small and relatively harmless pieces. This is different to regular annealed glass that’s likely to break into much larger and dangerous shards.

Thermal Resistance:
Due to the unique treatment process toughened glass undergoes when it’s created, it’s also strong enough to withstand extreme heat conditions without shattering like standard annealed glass often does.

If you’re searching for both clarity and quality in your glasswork, ALFAB toughened glass is a superior option. Toughened glass provides a crystal clear quality, making it perfect for all sorts of uses including boat windows and windscreens.

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At ALFAB, we’re the experts when it comes to curved and flat toughened glass. We’re available to assist you with all the glasswork required for your boat, yacht or other marine vessels. For more information on our toughened glass services, get in contact with our Brisbane or Melbourne team today.

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