Unveiling Dennis Suka’s 77-Metre Superyacht

Dennis Suka 77 Metre Superyacht


While you may not have heard of Norway’s Denis Suka (also known as The Yacht Mogul), he has amassed an impressive 763,000 Instagram* followers thanks to his passion for designing luxurious and innovative superyachts packed with the very finest amenities.

Suka, who released his first Superyacht design concept in 2020, states “My biggest goal is to bring something different to the yachting industry” and we at Alfab believe he has done just that with his newest brainchild the ‘Mogul 777’.

Suka’s latest design is a stunning 77.7 metre long, 4-floor-high superyacht sporting modern sleek lines, an angular bow, triangular hull windows and a ton of lavish features.

“We believe we’ve added everything on this project so the buyer couldn’t wish for anything extra,” said Suka. Some of these features include two pools, a beach jacuzzi, an onboard aquarium with a glass bottom and a waterfall, a large hydraulic swim platform, multiple sundecks, a central firepit and a touch-and-go helipad.


Dennis Suka Superyacht-2


In regards to performance, the 777 Mogul is capable of holding a total of 18 persons and can reach 17 knots at full tilt.

At Alfab, our innovation-driven team have had the opportunity to work on luxury yachts of all shapes and sizes during our 70 years of operation. We design and produce custom-made marine windows and windscreens, not unlike the unique triangular windows and long, curved windscreens that Mogul 777 would require.

The Mogul 777’s unique windows would need to be custom-made using the highest-quality, marine-safe materials and high-precision production equipment. At Alfab we have a multitude of high-precision, computer-guided equipment (some of which were designed in-house) that allow us to cut and shape materials like polymers, acrylics, composites, and aluminium to desired dimensions.


Dennis Suka Superyacht


This flexibility and experience have helped Alfab to become a dependable supplier of boat glazing systems in Australia as well as allowed us to work on some of the highest-profile vessels in the yachting industry.

We are excited to see what The Yacht Mogul will release next and will be sure to keep our customers informed here on our blog. To follow Denis Suka, check him out on Instagram at *@theyachtmogul.


Dennis Suka Superyacht


If you require tailor-made marine window or windscreen services, our team is ready to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to speak to one of our experts.